Thursday, February 28, 2008


Lower caps ang 'n', 'm', and 'l' kasi I wanted to emphasis the 'Y', which stands for YOUTH.

I'm here in Cebu right now attending the 16th National Movement for Young Legislators Convention.

Coming from the useless PBMLP Convention held late last year in Manila, I was expecting a lot from the NMYL.

Siyempre, Youth Leaders mga to 'eh. I was expecting seminars, training modules and a chance to debate on issues. On a specific note, I wanted to discuss making a statement regarding the NBN-ZTE broadband scandal. Not to condemn the National Government, but to call on our congressional leaders to amend the procurement law. Clearly, there was a flaw in the system as it does not cover executive agreements.

Pero walang opportunity.

Instead, upon deplaning I was greeted with banners of "Youth Leaders" running for National positions. I was lead to a van with a huge poster of a candidate, sabay bigay ng flyer niya. The van's windshield said it was a free shuttle to the hotel, but I was feeling it was an indirect bribe.

When my colleague and I arrived in the hotel, I was greeted with over a dozen beautifull cebuano lasses in short shorts wearing a shirt of their sponsor candidate. Obviously, this was a strategy to get the votes of the male delegates.

I had to look at my invitation again to make sure I was at the right venue. I thought I was at an FHM/Maxim/UNO event.

All over the plenary hall were posters, banners and streamers of the candidates. Most of the campaign ads only had their faces, names and positions vying for. I looked at the back of one flyer to read his/her platform, there was none.

This was the National Movement for YOUNG Legislators Convention, right?

Then how come my colleagues were acting like OLD TRAPOS?

I couldn't stomach what was happening. The sexy girls were inviting us to the 'after dinner' parties of their respective sponsors. Man, more of the same treatment. Unbelievable.

We're suppose to be the new generation of government leaders. We are the new hope. And we are acting like this?

Wala na talagang pag-asa ang ating bayan kung ganyan din lang.

Naawa pa naman ako kasi madaming SK delegates and they were being sweet talked by their 'kuyas' and 'ates'. Eh ang bata pa naman, jung 15 or 16 ka lang, madaling ma-impluwensya. I could just 'sigh' in frustration.

Where are the seminars, the trainings, the open dialogues?

I saw one silver lining amongst the dark clouds. One female candidate (a Councilor of Quezon City) had a platform of government. Her campaign material featured her past achievements and her plans if elected. One of my concerns here in the NMYL is the sharing of best practices. and the only medium i know that could be effective was the creation of a website. This candidate had that as a platform, and she was serious about it because she created the website in advance. Meaning hindi siya empty promise. Type in 'NMYL' in google and you wouldn't find a website, so I know wala pa. But this candidate created and the website exists! Trial stage pa lang pero atleast meron.

So I will vote for this candidate. I hope she makes good with her promises and maintains the website.

As for the other candidates, if you're going to act like an OLD TRAPO, you don't deserve my vote.

Grow up. Be honest and responsible. Act fair and square. Be an example.

Be a true youth leader.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wacky Products from a Japanese Discount store in Singapore

Here in Manila, we have Japanese Discount Stores in the malls. I think there's this one place where everything in it is P88.

Well, I went to Singapore recently and they, too, have their share of Japanese Discount Stores. This one in Vivo City Mall in Harbour Front, called Daiso, was a huge one. Everything inside it was sold at S$2.00 (or around P60).

There were a lot of weird, wacky and Japanese-zy products. Here are just some.

This one is an umbrella holder for the bicycle. Just in case it rains, you can just reach near the bike's handlebar and get your umbrella ready to protect you from getting wet. An alternative use would be when your jousting with a pedicab driver. This can be your Joust Stick holder.

This next one is a decorative product. If you want to beautify your kitchen sink, why not purchase this product. It'll turn any faucet into a tulip. Such a beautiful addition to your home. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Item Number 3 is a necklace with a reflector. In case you are walking along the highway late an night and there are no lamp posts nearby, this nifty little product will save you from being hit by a truck since its large reflector will warn sleepy drivers of your presence.

The next item if for the Mister. Tired of getting wet when the Mrs. tells you to wash the dishes? Well this waterproof arm cover will solve all your problems! Just insert in both arms as illustrated and you will have hassle free washing all the time!

And in case the Mrs. wants to wash the dishes herself, here is the 'patterned' arm cover. The same product, with the woman's touch.

And the top S$2 Product I discovered at the Daiso Japanese Discount Store is... a 2-set Portable Ashtray. Be a responsible citizen by keeping the city clean with this portable ashtray. Why throw your cigarette's ash on the sidewalk when you can dispose of them in this sleek looking portable ashtray.

sigh. You got to hand it to the Japanese, they think of everything

Friday, February 22, 2008

OMG, I'm friggin' too old for American Idol!

I've been watching Season 7's Top 24 the past couple of days and I noticed ang daming matatanda na kasama. There's Jason Yeager from Texas who's 28 years old already. And he has a son. Then there's Luke Menard (below) from Indiana who's 29 na. Tapos there's the Australian Michael Johns, who's also 29 years old.

Sabi ko, ang tatanda na ng mga 'to, pwede pa ba 'tong maging American Idol?

insert Long Pause here.

Look who's talking! Holy crap, trenta na pala ako! I'm older than any of the contestants in this years Top 24! Hindi ako makapaniwala. That would make me there... 'kuya'. ungh!

Holy crap!

Pero ang tatanda ng itsura nila. Iba mukhang tatay at nanay na. In fact, may mga tatay at nanay ng nga.

Anyhoo, old age aside, inabangan ko yung performance ni Ramiele Malubay, isang Fil-Am mula sa Miramar, Florida. I think she did good. very well, compared to the girls who sang before her.

Insert Ina Magenta's : "Magaling, magaling, magaling!"

I don't think she was the best singer-performer, but I think she's good enough to stay until the Top 12. I'm pretty sure she sings better than Jasmine Trias and Camille Velasco.

I hope she's allowed to sing an OPM song in the show.

Anyway, I'll continue watching this show since Amazing Race is done.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

How do we solve a problem like Glo-ree-yah?

Right now, students from the universities are organizing this A.S.A.R. Campaign. It stands for Advocacy for Sustained Accountability and Reforms. In a nutshell, its calling on the president and her cabinet to come clean and take a leave of absence or resign. This is of course a result of the revelation of Joey De Venecia regarding the NBN-ZTE deal, supported by personal accounts of whistleblower Jun Lozada.

They're all calling for GMA to step down.

You know, I'm beginning to like President Arroyo less and less because of all these exposes, but I don't think anyone's resigning anytime soon.

I don't think President Arroyo feels the same way Erap felt 8 years ago, when he was removed by Edsa II.

May kulang pa eh.

The campaign lacks 'oomph.'

Perhaps its because, for me, no matter how big the irregularity is (to the tune of $130 Million), the deal did not push through.

It was scrapped just in time last year.

So there was no real exchange of money. In other words, hindi naman nawala yung $130 Million ng bayan.

And because of that, I believe hindi makaka-follow through etong renewed campaign to unseat Gloria.

Imagine if nagkaroon nga ng bayaran, at tsaka inexpose nila Joey at Jun. $130 Million in the pockets of Abalos, Neri, the First Gentleman, so on, so forth. Then the people will be outraged. Then the people will come out of their houses and sing in unison, "Patalsikin si Gloria! Gloria resign!" And I'm pretty sure, tanggal kaagad si GMA.

Pero gaya ng nasulat ko earlier, hindi natuloy yung kontrata. So President Arroyo can look the camera straight in the eye and say, "lets get back to work," without beating an eyelash.

But this is just my take on the situation. I've been wrong several times. And as they say, anything can happen.

Good luck to my friends in the ASAR Campaign!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

or Secret Indulgences:

1. I think is a staple in everyone's guilty pleasures list, Googling myself.
2. Chili's Bottomless (Eat-All-You-Can) Tortillas and Salsa.
3. That 70's Show
4. Di' Marks Taco Pizza
5. Sabrett Spicy Jumbo Hotdog with Sauerkraut
6. Ref Magnets
7. How I Met Your Mother
8. Quantum Leap
9. Ponytails
10. Reading Ladies Confessions in FHM
11. Blogging
12. Receiving any kind of mail.
13. Pocari Sweat and Gatorade Propel
14. Sidewalk vendor green mango with bagoong alamang
15. Aveneto Burger
16. Window shopping
17. Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Donuts
18. Watching Korean movies
19. Judy Ann Santos - Piolo Pascual movies
20. Bea Alonzo - John Lloyd Cruz movies
21. Kristine Hermosa - Jericho Rosales movies
22. Hot, espesyal Ilocos empanada
23. Fresh from the oven, soft Pasuquin biscocho
24. Happy Slip video clips
25. Singing the Videoke
26. Journey's Without You
27. Cinderella's Bato sa Buhangin
28. Jeopardy
29. Postcards
30. Ria's red sauce pasta with green olives

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Personal Bucket List

Inspired by the Morgan Freeman - Jack Nicholson movie.

1. I think is a staple in all bucket lists, Sky Dive.
2. Play in Wheel of Fortune
3. Compete in 1 vs 100
4. Play Game Ka Na Ba?
5. Play Kakasa ka ba sa Grade V?
6. Act in a movie one more time
7. Ride a Hot Air Balloon
8. Play in a Marching Band
9. Appear before the Supreme Court
10. Write a book
11. Visit Eastern Europe (Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic) with Ria
12. Go to Palawan
13. See Mount Mayon
14. Ride a Kayak in Mt. Pinatubo Crater Lake
15. Visit Batanes
16. Meet and get an autograph of Bianca Gonzalez and Christine Gambito
17. Participate in the Amazing Race with Ria as my teammate
18. Ride a submarine
19. Bring my son to a Major League Baseball game
20. Interview my daughter's suitors
21. Have a picture taken at the Taj Majal
22. Visit the Pyramids in Egypt
23. Assist the doctor in the delivery of my 1st baby
24. Save a life
25. Study abroad

To be continued...

So, what's in your bucket list?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

"Hon. Cong. Atty."

What's up with titles? I came across this waiting shed in Manila and I noticed the signage. It said it was the beautification project of "Hon. Cong. Atty." so and so. Natulala lang talaga ako. Di talaga pinalampasan ng congressperson yung 'titles' niya eh. Di na na-satisfy sa "Cong." o "Hon.", kelangan kumpeto. "Hon." na, "Cong." na rin, "Atty." pa!

If I remember right, the 1987 Philippine Constitution said that this country is a democratic and republican state. Sovereignty resides in the people (not in a person or a royal family).

Everyone was supposed to be equal, so much so that Sec. 31, Art. VI states that "No law granting a title of royalty or nobility shall be enacted."

Well, as you can all see, it appears people don't need laws to be bestowed with a title.

One just bestows it upon himself.

And people wonder why this country's in a mess.

Everyone wants to be king.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Thirteen Billion Five Hundred Million Pesos for internet

Although Mr. Jun Lozada presented no documentary or object evidence to prove his claims, his story is believable. Probably because he had more to lose than gain. He actually admitted to Senator Defensor-Santiago that he was into shady deals when he was President of the Philippine Forest Corporation. So dun palang, dedo na siya. Pwede siyang kasuhan ng graft ng Ombudsman.

Mr. Lozada implicated former COMELEC Chairman Ben Abalos in the ZTE-NBN Scandal. Allegedly, the latter was asking for a kickback worth $130 Million. Thats US Dollars, man! Thats 5 Billion Pesos! Abalos has, ofcourse, denied such allegation. Fine. Presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

Lozada said that the original deal was $262 Million, but then Abalos asked for more daw. So, umabot ng $329 Million na. And from BOT Scheme, naging Government to Government Loan.

DOTC Secretary Mendoza belittled all of Lozada's claims. He said the BOT Scheme was limited to 30% coverage. He also said, with the G-to-G scheme, we will be able to pay the loan in 4 years time. Secretary further defended the $329 Million price tag as he said this was nationwide. He was really assertive that the $329 Million deal was regular.

$329 Million, sir, for broadband internet? Thats just way too much for ICT, sir! way too much.

13.5 Billion Pesos po yun, Mr. Secretary. In no way can you say that its a good deal. No friggin' way.

13.5 Billion Pesos for internet. No way.

But at the end of the day, si Lozada rin ang kawawa. The ZTE-NBN deal had already been cancelled by the President, so wala na. And all this yakkety-yak will just go to waste.

Story of our lives.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


No, that's not my vital statistics (And even if, that would make me a size DDD).

Its what it came down to late last night, as the House of Representatives voted to declare the speakership open.

174 said yes, including LAKAS stalwarts.

35 said no.

16 abstained.

In the end, Jose De Venecia lost his seat as Speaker of the House. He was replaced by Davao City Congressman Prospero Nograles.

It was ironic, of all the people to vote no, speaker de venecia got support from the opposition. The people he went against in the past, stood up for him last night to maintain the status quo. Digs Dilangalen, Teddy Casino, Liza Maza and Satur Ocampo.

Perhaps not too ironic, because they knew exactly what was going on. This was a sham proceeding, orchestrated by the Arroyo sons.

Congressman Zamora said, 'Ginagago ba natin ang mga sarili natin.' He said this in the context of a lot of members saying they want 'change and reform.' Zamora said the vote is not about change, rather, it was about malacanang.

Furthrermore, Zamora said he found no reason why they would declare the speakership vacant. What did JDV do recently to merit such unseating? There was no reason.

Congressman Escudero even warned if they were really sure about what they were doing. Baka mamaya daw, after 3 months, magpapalit nanaman ng speaker. He told the incoming speaker to get a transcript of the proceedings so that he could read the sentiments of the neophyte congressmen.

Congressman Ledesma said he didn't get it. If we're for change, then we should declare all seats vacant. How can you say there will be change if the only one you'll replace is the head? He didn't get the logic and thats why he voted no.

I am a member of Lakas, and I was saddened that my partymates abandoned their leader at a time he needed them the most.

Don't get me wrong, I am not for blind loyalty. If a party stand is really against your beliefs, by all means, dissent. But that's exactly it, there should be something worth dissenting. Last night was not that something.

I really found no valid reason to unseat the speaker last night. Take away the ZTE-Arroyo scandal, the guy didn't do anything.

At the end of the day, after listening to all the congresspersons arguments, it wasn't about change or reform. It was about GMA OR JDV.

My dad summed it up. He said he was torn between lovers, 'coz both were his friends and boss.

He abstained.

Monday, February 04, 2008

I Feel For JDV

I'm watching him now on TV and listening to his speech, and I feel for the guy.

Here you are defending the, no, no...protecting them even, just being a loyal soldier, and then huhulugin ka na lang ng ganyan?

For what? Dahil hindi mapigilan ni JDV ang anak niya sa pag-whistle blow on the ZTE deal?

I don't like Joey De Venecia. I don't like the manner of how he whistleblowed. And I think he's the wrong person to cry foul since he has a stake in it. But, don't take it out on the father.

Pasensya ka, nahuli ka eh. Panagutan mo yun.

Wag mo ilaglag ang isang tao naging tapat sa iyo.

And to replace him with whom?

Congressman Nograles?

I agree that JDV's not the best person to be speaker of the House. I think there are other more qualified people for the job.

But certainly not Congressman Nograles.

It's like replacing a banana with another banana. Its the same banana.

And a banana who's loyalty remains suspect.

I think if JDV is replaces as speaker, it would be the start of the downfall of the Arroyo administration.

Pagmapalitan si JDV, you can bet an impeachment complaint will be around the corner.

The coalition will be dismantled, and some would scramble to the minority. Makakakuha na sila ng 80. And then you have the senators hungry to impeach GMA.

And it's going to be all downhill from there.

So long P35-$1. Hello again P45-$1!