Saturday, February 16, 2008

"Hon. Cong. Atty."

What's up with titles? I came across this waiting shed in Manila and I noticed the signage. It said it was the beautification project of "Hon. Cong. Atty." so and so. Natulala lang talaga ako. Di talaga pinalampasan ng congressperson yung 'titles' niya eh. Di na na-satisfy sa "Cong." o "Hon.", kelangan kumpeto. "Hon." na, "Cong." na rin, "Atty." pa!

If I remember right, the 1987 Philippine Constitution said that this country is a democratic and republican state. Sovereignty resides in the people (not in a person or a royal family).

Everyone was supposed to be equal, so much so that Sec. 31, Art. VI states that "No law granting a title of royalty or nobility shall be enacted."

Well, as you can all see, it appears people don't need laws to be bestowed with a title.

One just bestows it upon himself.

And people wonder why this country's in a mess.

Everyone wants to be king.

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