Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wacky Products from a Japanese Discount store in Singapore

Here in Manila, we have Japanese Discount Stores in the malls. I think there's this one place where everything in it is P88.

Well, I went to Singapore recently and they, too, have their share of Japanese Discount Stores. This one in Vivo City Mall in Harbour Front, called Daiso, was a huge one. Everything inside it was sold at S$2.00 (or around P60).

There were a lot of weird, wacky and Japanese-zy products. Here are just some.

This one is an umbrella holder for the bicycle. Just in case it rains, you can just reach near the bike's handlebar and get your umbrella ready to protect you from getting wet. An alternative use would be when your jousting with a pedicab driver. This can be your Joust Stick holder.

This next one is a decorative product. If you want to beautify your kitchen sink, why not purchase this product. It'll turn any faucet into a tulip. Such a beautiful addition to your home. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Item Number 3 is a necklace with a reflector. In case you are walking along the highway late an night and there are no lamp posts nearby, this nifty little product will save you from being hit by a truck since its large reflector will warn sleepy drivers of your presence.

The next item if for the Mister. Tired of getting wet when the Mrs. tells you to wash the dishes? Well this waterproof arm cover will solve all your problems! Just insert in both arms as illustrated and you will have hassle free washing all the time!

And in case the Mrs. wants to wash the dishes herself, here is the 'patterned' arm cover. The same product, with the woman's touch.

And the top S$2 Product I discovered at the Daiso Japanese Discount Store is... a 2-set Portable Ashtray. Be a responsible citizen by keeping the city clean with this portable ashtray. Why throw your cigarette's ash on the sidewalk when you can dispose of them in this sleek looking portable ashtray.

sigh. You got to hand it to the Japanese, they think of everything

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