Saturday, February 09, 2008

Thirteen Billion Five Hundred Million Pesos for internet

Although Mr. Jun Lozada presented no documentary or object evidence to prove his claims, his story is believable. Probably because he had more to lose than gain. He actually admitted to Senator Defensor-Santiago that he was into shady deals when he was President of the Philippine Forest Corporation. So dun palang, dedo na siya. Pwede siyang kasuhan ng graft ng Ombudsman.

Mr. Lozada implicated former COMELEC Chairman Ben Abalos in the ZTE-NBN Scandal. Allegedly, the latter was asking for a kickback worth $130 Million. Thats US Dollars, man! Thats 5 Billion Pesos! Abalos has, ofcourse, denied such allegation. Fine. Presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

Lozada said that the original deal was $262 Million, but then Abalos asked for more daw. So, umabot ng $329 Million na. And from BOT Scheme, naging Government to Government Loan.

DOTC Secretary Mendoza belittled all of Lozada's claims. He said the BOT Scheme was limited to 30% coverage. He also said, with the G-to-G scheme, we will be able to pay the loan in 4 years time. Secretary further defended the $329 Million price tag as he said this was nationwide. He was really assertive that the $329 Million deal was regular.

$329 Million, sir, for broadband internet? Thats just way too much for ICT, sir! way too much.

13.5 Billion Pesos po yun, Mr. Secretary. In no way can you say that its a good deal. No friggin' way.

13.5 Billion Pesos for internet. No way.

But at the end of the day, si Lozada rin ang kawawa. The ZTE-NBN deal had already been cancelled by the President, so wala na. And all this yakkety-yak will just go to waste.

Story of our lives.

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