Friday, February 22, 2008

OMG, I'm friggin' too old for American Idol!

I've been watching Season 7's Top 24 the past couple of days and I noticed ang daming matatanda na kasama. There's Jason Yeager from Texas who's 28 years old already. And he has a son. Then there's Luke Menard (below) from Indiana who's 29 na. Tapos there's the Australian Michael Johns, who's also 29 years old.

Sabi ko, ang tatanda na ng mga 'to, pwede pa ba 'tong maging American Idol?

insert Long Pause here.

Look who's talking! Holy crap, trenta na pala ako! I'm older than any of the contestants in this years Top 24! Hindi ako makapaniwala. That would make me there... 'kuya'. ungh!

Holy crap!

Pero ang tatanda ng itsura nila. Iba mukhang tatay at nanay na. In fact, may mga tatay at nanay ng nga.

Anyhoo, old age aside, inabangan ko yung performance ni Ramiele Malubay, isang Fil-Am mula sa Miramar, Florida. I think she did good. very well, compared to the girls who sang before her.

Insert Ina Magenta's : "Magaling, magaling, magaling!"

I don't think she was the best singer-performer, but I think she's good enough to stay until the Top 12. I'm pretty sure she sings better than Jasmine Trias and Camille Velasco.

I hope she's allowed to sing an OPM song in the show.

Anyway, I'll continue watching this show since Amazing Race is done.

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