Thursday, February 21, 2008

How do we solve a problem like Glo-ree-yah?

Right now, students from the universities are organizing this A.S.A.R. Campaign. It stands for Advocacy for Sustained Accountability and Reforms. In a nutshell, its calling on the president and her cabinet to come clean and take a leave of absence or resign. This is of course a result of the revelation of Joey De Venecia regarding the NBN-ZTE deal, supported by personal accounts of whistleblower Jun Lozada.

They're all calling for GMA to step down.

You know, I'm beginning to like President Arroyo less and less because of all these exposes, but I don't think anyone's resigning anytime soon.

I don't think President Arroyo feels the same way Erap felt 8 years ago, when he was removed by Edsa II.

May kulang pa eh.

The campaign lacks 'oomph.'

Perhaps its because, for me, no matter how big the irregularity is (to the tune of $130 Million), the deal did not push through.

It was scrapped just in time last year.

So there was no real exchange of money. In other words, hindi naman nawala yung $130 Million ng bayan.

And because of that, I believe hindi makaka-follow through etong renewed campaign to unseat Gloria.

Imagine if nagkaroon nga ng bayaran, at tsaka inexpose nila Joey at Jun. $130 Million in the pockets of Abalos, Neri, the First Gentleman, so on, so forth. Then the people will be outraged. Then the people will come out of their houses and sing in unison, "Patalsikin si Gloria! Gloria resign!" And I'm pretty sure, tanggal kaagad si GMA.

Pero gaya ng nasulat ko earlier, hindi natuloy yung kontrata. So President Arroyo can look the camera straight in the eye and say, "lets get back to work," without beating an eyelash.

But this is just my take on the situation. I've been wrong several times. And as they say, anything can happen.

Good luck to my friends in the ASAR Campaign!

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