Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Renewing my passport at the DFA

My current passport will be expiring in a few months, so I decided to renew it.  I started my renewal process by logging in at DFA's website.  I filled up the form and included Bea's application as well.  I set an appointment at the DFA's Consular Office in ASEANA Business Park, Baclaran, Pasay City.

Within the same day, I received an e-mail confirming my application and appointment date.  I printed the e-mail which included an already filled-up application form.

Here are the documents you need to bring at DFA for renewal of Green Passport (those issued after May 1, 1995).
1.  Current passport and photocopy of pages 1, 2, 3 and last page.
2.  Pages showing latest Bureau of Immigration departure and arrival stamps.

For Bea, here are the documents needed for new minor applicants:
1.  NSO Birth Certificate
2.  Photocopy of passport of both parents

Our scheduled appointment was last Friday at 8:30am.  The instructions told us to be there by 8am.  We were there by 8:10.

We showed our application forms to the appointment counter just outside the entrance.  The clerk stamped his name and instructed us to go up to the 2nd floor.

There's a special processing area for Government Employees, Senior Citizens, and Families with Children. We got our queue number and waited to be called.  There were only 2 DFA officers working on Families with Children applications so we waited quite a bit.  WAITING TIME: 60 MINUTES.  
Processing Area on the 2nd Floor for government employees, senior citizens and families with children.

When we got to the counter, the DFA officer received our application forms and accompanying documents.  He signed, stamped and attached a paper to our forms.  After processing, we went to the cashier to pay our fees.  The website said the regular passport fee was P950.00.  But for some reason, our applications were considered RUSH.  So we paid P1,200.00 each.

From there, we got another queue number thinking the "courtesy lane" for Families with Children would continue to the encoding section.  Hindi pala.  Hanggang processing lang pala.  Nahalo na kami sa lahat ng applications.  Our number was more than 200 away from the one being serviced.  Grabe naman!  

I found out that the "courtesy lane" for Government Employees continued.  DFA dedicated 5 counters for government employees.  So, since Ria still works in government, I photocopied her ID and presented it at the processing counter and the guy there annotated our application.  We were able to line up at the courtesy lane for government employees.  WAITING TIME: 30 MINUTES.

In encoding, the clerk took our picture, signature and fingerprints.  We had a bit of a problem with Bea's picture because she wouldn't look at the camera.

Then that's it.  Our "RUSH" passports would be ready for pick-up within 10 working days.  Ria and I couldn't get off work that day so we were forced to avail of the home delivery via LBC.  Lined up again and paid P120.00 each.  So, we'll just wait for our passports in the mail.

Whole process took 100 minutes. : )