Thursday, February 28, 2008


Lower caps ang 'n', 'm', and 'l' kasi I wanted to emphasis the 'Y', which stands for YOUTH.

I'm here in Cebu right now attending the 16th National Movement for Young Legislators Convention.

Coming from the useless PBMLP Convention held late last year in Manila, I was expecting a lot from the NMYL.

Siyempre, Youth Leaders mga to 'eh. I was expecting seminars, training modules and a chance to debate on issues. On a specific note, I wanted to discuss making a statement regarding the NBN-ZTE broadband scandal. Not to condemn the National Government, but to call on our congressional leaders to amend the procurement law. Clearly, there was a flaw in the system as it does not cover executive agreements.

Pero walang opportunity.

Instead, upon deplaning I was greeted with banners of "Youth Leaders" running for National positions. I was lead to a van with a huge poster of a candidate, sabay bigay ng flyer niya. The van's windshield said it was a free shuttle to the hotel, but I was feeling it was an indirect bribe.

When my colleague and I arrived in the hotel, I was greeted with over a dozen beautifull cebuano lasses in short shorts wearing a shirt of their sponsor candidate. Obviously, this was a strategy to get the votes of the male delegates.

I had to look at my invitation again to make sure I was at the right venue. I thought I was at an FHM/Maxim/UNO event.

All over the plenary hall were posters, banners and streamers of the candidates. Most of the campaign ads only had their faces, names and positions vying for. I looked at the back of one flyer to read his/her platform, there was none.

This was the National Movement for YOUNG Legislators Convention, right?

Then how come my colleagues were acting like OLD TRAPOS?

I couldn't stomach what was happening. The sexy girls were inviting us to the 'after dinner' parties of their respective sponsors. Man, more of the same treatment. Unbelievable.

We're suppose to be the new generation of government leaders. We are the new hope. And we are acting like this?

Wala na talagang pag-asa ang ating bayan kung ganyan din lang.

Naawa pa naman ako kasi madaming SK delegates and they were being sweet talked by their 'kuyas' and 'ates'. Eh ang bata pa naman, jung 15 or 16 ka lang, madaling ma-impluwensya. I could just 'sigh' in frustration.

Where are the seminars, the trainings, the open dialogues?

I saw one silver lining amongst the dark clouds. One female candidate (a Councilor of Quezon City) had a platform of government. Her campaign material featured her past achievements and her plans if elected. One of my concerns here in the NMYL is the sharing of best practices. and the only medium i know that could be effective was the creation of a website. This candidate had that as a platform, and she was serious about it because she created the website in advance. Meaning hindi siya empty promise. Type in 'NMYL' in google and you wouldn't find a website, so I know wala pa. But this candidate created and the website exists! Trial stage pa lang pero atleast meron.

So I will vote for this candidate. I hope she makes good with her promises and maintains the website.

As for the other candidates, if you're going to act like an OLD TRAPO, you don't deserve my vote.

Grow up. Be honest and responsible. Act fair and square. Be an example.

Be a true youth leader.


Anonymous said...

i salute you mr. councilor. i really hope more young, idealistic leaders will rise and take the cudgels for the marginalized....for our great nation. We need your fire and spirit to transform our nation.

btw, tradpols started to show their faces in the nmyl just recently. this extravagant, non-sense campaign--very traditinal indeed started just recently. so disgusting. i was disappointed and disgusted too during my time. Hope it will be reversed...sayang ang simulain at orihinal na adhikain ng kilusan. More power to you. Keep up hte good work!


mr. vlad mata
former nmyl officer.
now ph.d student in China

Anonymous said...

btw. you are coucilor or board member? anyway, i am currently based in taiwan, yes,,very close to your place. if ther is something that you think can be worked-out to benefit your constituents and the country, let me know. we may be able to work on something from this side.


vlad mata
ph.d student
National sunyatsen University
kaoshiung, taiwan