Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Arrival at NAIA III on its 1st day of operations

6 years after it was completed, and more than 10 years after construction started, the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 is finally operational, albeit on a very small scale.

I was one of the first passengers to use the terminal when I arrived from Laoag on board Cebu Pacific's ATR service at 10pm of July 22, 2008. (see Videos Section)

Since the plane was a small propeller plane, there was no air bridge connecting the plane and the terminal so we had to disembark on the tarmac.  Inside, the terminal looked okay.  It was bright and clean and shiny.  I passed through the immigration booths then proceeded to the arrival area where their were numerous conveyor belts.  I stepped out and that was that.

When I was with the Office of the Solicitor General I was one of many government lawyers assigned to the plethora of PIATCO cases, and though I was involved with it for only 2 months I strongly believed the airport would never open.

I am glad it finally is.

Credit should go to all those involved, but I would like to make special mention of Sec. Mike Defensor.  This guy is Malacanang's troubleshooter.  I wonder what he did to make NAIA III operational.

Ano kayang hocus pocus ginawa ni Sec. Mike?  Galing niya ah.

Anyhoo, I hope tuloy tuloy na to.  Sana ma-transfer na lahat ng flights dito from Domestic Terminal and NAIA I, specially the latter.  It's really a worn down terminal.  Dapat gawin na siyang museum.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

My First Year as Provincial Board Member (Annual Report)

30 June 2008

Dear Kailian,


When I campaigned back in April 2007, I told voters that my Program of Action revolved around four major issues, namely, Education, Job-Generation, Investment and Tourism.

After one year in public office as Provincial Board Member, here are my accomplishments.


As legislator, I authored numerous ordinances and resolutions relating to education such as the Campus Security Ordinance, Internet Café and Computer Shop Regulation Ordinance, Anti-Student Extortion Ordinance, and the Anti-Street Gang Ordinance.

Entrusted with part of the Provincial Development Fund, I organized a Barangay Law Seminar last November 2007 with my professors from the UP College of Law, which benefited close to 300 newly elected Barangay Officials.

As an advocate of vocational and technical education, I awarded TESDA Scholarships to poor but deserving students.

As a supporter of the teaching profession, I allocated an amount to subsidize a Saguip Maestra teacher in Sta. Maria Elementary School, Laoag City.

Other portions of my PDF also went to minor infrastructure projects in the province’s public schools including CABEZA Elementary, Gabu Elementary, Alipio N. Ignacio Elementary, Shamrock Elementary, INCAT and INNHS in Laoag City, Cabulalaan Elementary in Bacarra, Gabaldon Elementary in Pasuquin, and Adams National High School in Adams.


As legislator, I sponsored proposals that would convert the province’s revenue-generating assets into profitable economic enterprises so that jobs could be created.

Last May 2008, I invited the Ocean Bridge and Arc Foundation to give an orientation on the TESDA-JITCO Skills Training and Transfer Program to interested persons for possible training in Japan.  So far, of the 100 participants, 20 have passed the preliminary screening.


As legislator, I initiated reforms in the province’s investment code.

One of my campaign promises was to be the people’s watchdog over the construction of the Ilocos Norte Hotel and Convention Center, and I tried to do just that.  In March 2008 I called for an ocular inspection of the INHCC.  As a result of which, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan visited the construction site on April 8.  I’ve also inspected the Cebu International Convention Center in Mandaue City and talked to its operators, the Philippine Exhibits and Themeparks Corporation (PETCO), to discuss the possible management of the INHCC.


As legislator, I penned a number of measures that would support the tourism sector including the Amended Rabies Control Ordinance (Provincial Ordinance No. 16-2008), which sought to prevent dog-biting incidents in tourist-prone areas.

Entrusted with part of the Provincial Development Fund, I allocated some money for the construction of tourist-spot road signs along the national highway in Burgos and Bangui.

As a supporter of the tourism industry, I organized the Zoom IN Photo Contest last December 2007, which received almost 300 photos of different tourist spots in the province.  In March 2008, I made postcards out of the winning entries and distributed them to locals and visitors.

Along the way I found myself supporting other advocacies like Health, the Environment and the Youth sector.


As legislator, I sponsored several proposals concerning health issues such as the Reproductive Health Care Code, restricting cremation or the burning of human remains, and the Blood Handling Fee Fund for Indigents (Provincial Ordinance No. 20-2008).

Entrusted with part of the Provincial Development Fund, I organized a Medical Mission last May 2008 together with the UP College of Medicine and concerned local medical practitioners in Brgy. Davila, Pasuquin.

Also, as Chairman of the Provincial Population Development Committee (POPCOM), I’ve attended its seminars on adolescent sexuality in Bacarra and Piddig.


As legislator, I authored Provincial Ordinance No. 060-2008 reminding all lower Sanggunians to adhere to the Clean Air Act of 1999 and the local Environment Code by enacting ordinances addressing the need to convert two-stroke engines used by our tricycle drivers into more efficient and environment friendly engines.

Last May 2008, together with the PENRO, CENRO and Green Ilocos Norte Network and Advocacy (GINNA), we went to Vigan City to learn more about Envirofit Foundation’s Direct In-cylinder (DI Fuel Injection Retrofit engine technology for possible implementation in Laoag and Batac.


As legislator, I initiated efforts to curb juvenile delinquency and to protect our youth.  I filed ordinances regulating the sale of rugby, as well as spray paint, and prohibiting minors from operating motorcycles.  I also authored Draft Resolution No. 2008-04-082, calling for reforms in the Sangguniang Kabataan law.

Still a member of the youth sector, I supported the Governor Keon’s sports development program by contributing to the renovation of the Marcos Stadium Trophy Room to encourage our athletes to strive to be the best in their respective fields.

Finally, as Chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means, here are my achievements:

I authored a number of measures that sought to increase the revenue of the province such as DPO # 2008-03-041 created a trust fund for the Rizal Amusement Park; DPO # 2008-04-045 established a trust fund for the Dap-Ayan Food Complex; DPO # 2008-04-046 imposed fees for putting up streamers at the Ilocano Heroes Hall; and, DPO # 2008-05-049 imposed rental fees to communications companies for the use of provincial land for their cell-sites.

More importantly, I authored Draft Provincial Ordinance No. 2008-01-031 known as the Revised Revenue Code of 2008.  I am particularly proud of this measure because we held several public hearings to discuss the matter and I defended the measure on the floor for quite a number of sessions.  The proposal is scheduled on Third and Final Reading this coming July.

All in all, I have filed twenty-one (21) draft ordinances—three (3) of which were enacted into law; and sixteen (16) draft resolutions—with five (5) approved by the Board.  I enclose a list of all of my proposals (Annex “A”) for your perusal and review. 

Of the Five Hundred Fifty Thousand Pesos (PhP 550,000.00) entrusted to me from the Provincial Development Fund (July 2007 to June 2008), I’ve used most for the education sector.  I enclose a record of all my disbursements (Annex “B”) for your information.

It has been an honor and a privilege to represent the People of the 1st District of Ilocos Norte in the 7th Sangguniang Panlalawigan.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so.

I look forward to serving you for the remainder of my term.

God bless the People of Ilocos Norte.


Very truly yours,


Kris Ablan

Laoag City, Ilocos Norte