Monday, February 04, 2008

I Feel For JDV

I'm watching him now on TV and listening to his speech, and I feel for the guy.

Here you are defending the, no, no...protecting them even, just being a loyal soldier, and then huhulugin ka na lang ng ganyan?

For what? Dahil hindi mapigilan ni JDV ang anak niya sa pag-whistle blow on the ZTE deal?

I don't like Joey De Venecia. I don't like the manner of how he whistleblowed. And I think he's the wrong person to cry foul since he has a stake in it. But, don't take it out on the father.

Pasensya ka, nahuli ka eh. Panagutan mo yun.

Wag mo ilaglag ang isang tao naging tapat sa iyo.

And to replace him with whom?

Congressman Nograles?

I agree that JDV's not the best person to be speaker of the House. I think there are other more qualified people for the job.

But certainly not Congressman Nograles.

It's like replacing a banana with another banana. Its the same banana.

And a banana who's loyalty remains suspect.

I think if JDV is replaces as speaker, it would be the start of the downfall of the Arroyo administration.

Pagmapalitan si JDV, you can bet an impeachment complaint will be around the corner.

The coalition will be dismantled, and some would scramble to the minority. Makakakuha na sila ng 80. And then you have the senators hungry to impeach GMA.

And it's going to be all downhill from there.

So long P35-$1. Hello again P45-$1!

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