Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Personal Bucket List

Inspired by the Morgan Freeman - Jack Nicholson movie.

1. I think is a staple in all bucket lists, Sky Dive.
2. Play in Wheel of Fortune
3. Compete in 1 vs 100
4. Play Game Ka Na Ba?
5. Play Kakasa ka ba sa Grade V?
6. Act in a movie one more time
7. Ride a Hot Air Balloon
8. Play in a Marching Band
9. Appear before the Supreme Court
10. Write a book
11. Visit Eastern Europe (Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic) with Ria
12. Go to Palawan
13. See Mount Mayon
14. Ride a Kayak in Mt. Pinatubo Crater Lake
15. Visit Batanes
16. Meet and get an autograph of Bianca Gonzalez and Christine Gambito
17. Participate in the Amazing Race with Ria as my teammate
18. Ride a submarine
19. Bring my son to a Major League Baseball game
20. Interview my daughter's suitors
21. Have a picture taken at the Taj Majal
22. Visit the Pyramids in Egypt
23. Assist the doctor in the delivery of my 1st baby
24. Save a life
25. Study abroad

To be continued...

So, what's in your bucket list?

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