Tuesday, February 05, 2008


No, that's not my vital statistics (And even if, that would make me a size DDD).

Its what it came down to late last night, as the House of Representatives voted to declare the speakership open.

174 said yes, including LAKAS stalwarts.

35 said no.

16 abstained.

In the end, Jose De Venecia lost his seat as Speaker of the House. He was replaced by Davao City Congressman Prospero Nograles.

It was ironic, of all the people to vote no, speaker de venecia got support from the opposition. The people he went against in the past, stood up for him last night to maintain the status quo. Digs Dilangalen, Teddy Casino, Liza Maza and Satur Ocampo.

Perhaps not too ironic, because they knew exactly what was going on. This was a sham proceeding, orchestrated by the Arroyo sons.

Congressman Zamora said, 'Ginagago ba natin ang mga sarili natin.' He said this in the context of a lot of members saying they want 'change and reform.' Zamora said the vote is not about change, rather, it was about malacanang.

Furthrermore, Zamora said he found no reason why they would declare the speakership vacant. What did JDV do recently to merit such unseating? There was no reason.

Congressman Escudero even warned if they were really sure about what they were doing. Baka mamaya daw, after 3 months, magpapalit nanaman ng speaker. He told the incoming speaker to get a transcript of the proceedings so that he could read the sentiments of the neophyte congressmen.

Congressman Ledesma said he didn't get it. If we're for change, then we should declare all seats vacant. How can you say there will be change if the only one you'll replace is the head? He didn't get the logic and thats why he voted no.

I am a member of Lakas, and I was saddened that my partymates abandoned their leader at a time he needed them the most.

Don't get me wrong, I am not for blind loyalty. If a party stand is really against your beliefs, by all means, dissent. But that's exactly it, there should be something worth dissenting. Last night was not that something.

I really found no valid reason to unseat the speaker last night. Take away the ZTE-Arroyo scandal, the guy didn't do anything.

At the end of the day, after listening to all the congresspersons arguments, it wasn't about change or reform. It was about GMA OR JDV.

My dad summed it up. He said he was torn between lovers, 'coz both were his friends and boss.

He abstained.

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