Friday, March 20, 2009

Jitters in first court appearance after almost two years

I do not litigate.  I haven't appeared in court in almost two years.  Today that streak ended as I went to the Regional Trial Court here in Laoag to appear as collaborating counsel in a Petition for Certiorari against us Board Members.

Note, collaborating counsel.  Meaning, Atty. Lazo (My co-Board Member and a seasoned litigator) was supposed to be the lead counsel--the one to do all the lawyering, and I'll just be decoration.

Last night, Atty. Lazo had to rush to Manila to attend to his son who got into a car accident.  I learned about it just before I walked in the judge's sala.

Oh, crap.

Now, Im the leading counsel?!  Are you kidding me?!  Where's the Vice-Governor (who's also a lawyer)?  Where's the Provincial Legal Officer?  Where are his assistants?

What the hell?!


I haven't opened my Rules of Court since 2007!

What do I do?! What do I say?!

You know, I feel so at home in the SP Session Hall, I never get nervous when I speak.  Perhaps because I feel so confident with my knowledge in parliamentary procedure and legislation that it's so easy for me.

Pero sa court?  Pag litigation?  Ewan ko bakit kinakabahan ako.  And kinabahan nga ako kanina.  It's a Petition for Certiorari with Motion to Issue a Preliminary Injunction.  Ano daw?

I called Atty. Lazo to ask if I should argue the case or what.  He told me to just ask for a postponement since he also wanted to appear.

Okay, I can do that.

I talked to the opposing counsel, who didn't object to the proposal.

So when the case was called that's what I said.  "Move to postpone, your Honor, as lead counsel had to rush to Manila to attend to his injured son." 

And the judge reset the hearing to this coming Monday.


Yes, na-survive ko din.  Akala ko wala ng Wow, Mali.

But before I left I said, "Thank you, Mr. Chairman.... uhhh... I mean, Your Honor!

Oh, brother... That just HAD to happen.

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