Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's all about the kids

My previous entries were all gloomy so let's brighten it up a bit.

Early today I handed over an airplane teeter-totter (see-saw) to the children of the Brgy. San Miguel (Laoag City) Day Care Center.  

The teachers requested last August for an outdoor recreational toy for the kids to complement their swing set.  Due to budget constraints (and very makulit barangay captains asking for cement and steelbars) I couldn't give them what they want.

Until today. 

I bought this airplane teeter-totter at S&R in Manila at a cost of P12,000.00.  I originally wanted to have a slide fabricated here in Laoag but I was afraid of child-safety issues.  Baka mamaya hindi pulido yung pag-weld sa slide at may maaksidenteng bata.

So I went with this Big Stuff Ace Flyer Teeter Totter Airplane from S&R.  Atleast child-tested na siya.  And I googled the product sa internet at maganda naman ang mga reviews. 

When I turned over the play set to the children, hala, dinagsa yung eroplano.  The box says it can accommodate 7 kids at one time pero more than 15 ata yung dumumog sa laruan!

And then the parents from the neighboring barangays who saw the contraption requested if I could also give the same thing to their day care centers. 

Hehehe, ang mga obligasyon ng isang pulitiko, never ending. 

I should be depressed with all these requests, but it was just so nice and heartwarming to see the smiles on the children's faces playing the thing.  Ang saya saya nila.

This is why I'm in government service. 

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