Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Public Bidding is a joke

I knew this all along, of course.  With the World Bank report and other DPWH exposes, who would think otherwise?  Public Bidding in this country is a sham.  It's a joke.  It's all pretend.

Pero iba pa rin ang feeling if it hits close to home.  Mas nakakalungkot.  Mas nakakadepress.

Public Bidding is supposed to be the process to get the best deal at the lowest price.  If there was no bidding, then it's possible for the Governor, Mayor, Congressman or Agency Head to get a not-so-good kind of deal, worse, baka sobrang mahal naman.  And since we're talking about hard earned money of the people, dapat sulit.

At para maging sulit, a.k.a., "The Best Deal,"  our policymakers came out with this Public Bidding nga.

Paglabanin mo mga suppliers at contractors.  Let them bid for the projects.  Kung sino ang makabigay ng lowest bid, siya ang mananalo.  Bale, matira ang matibay.

That way, we get to SAVE money.  The money saved can now be used for another project.  Ganun dapat, di ba?

But we all know that doesn't happen.  We don't get the best deals.  More often than not, we get the worst deals.

You know why?  Because public bidding is a sham.  It's a role playing game.  You think they really place their bids?  No, they don't.  Nag-usap na mga yan.  One contractor will cut a deal with the implementing agency and the other contractors na sa kanya na yung isang project.  Then they will just simulate that a bidding was done.  The other contractors will submit a 'higher' bid so they'll lose.

And then sa ibang project naman, yung other contractor naman ang magiging winning bidder.  Ganyan.  Nagbibigayan sila.  Hati-hati sila sa mga project.

But you know, contractors are human.  They are susceptible to greed.  Pagnakatikim na yan, gusto na niya lahat ng projects sa kanya.  Dun nagkaka-poblema.  When one contractor eases out the other contractors by getting closer to the Implementing Agency or the Mayor or the Governor or the Congressman or the Dept. Head.  Palakasan na.  Tapos awayan na.

And what about the price?  Wala na.  Imbes na 1.5 Million, magiging 2 Million na.

So do we save money with this public bidding?  No.  In fact, we lose more money.

And It's just so sad dahil naglolokohan lang tayo.  

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