Monday, November 03, 2008

Annulment just right after our wedding

It's not what you think.

It's not what you think. 

Ria and I are enjoying our marriage.

The thing is, Ria and I haven't even been married for a month and already we're saddled with three potential annulments--all concerning a family member.

I won't name names, but the three relatives have approached either of us for some legal assistance.  So here we are either filing a Petition for Annulment of Marriage or meeting with opposing counsel regarding an already pending case.

Wow.  What a reality check for us.  Annulment!  Right in our face!  And wala pa kaming isang buwan mag-asawa!  Nasira na kaagad yung image namin ng sanctity of marriage.  Wake up and smell the garbage!  Marriage sucks!

Parang ganun eh.

Sigh.  In fairness to our relatives, there were already talks about annulment way, way before our wedding but I told them I'll handle it right after.

Eh, November na.  "Right after" na nga naman.

Ria and I have been checking the 2003 SC Rule on Declaration of Nullity, Annulment of Marriage and Legal Separation and the procedure is not a walk in the park ha.

Sure, there are "package deals" available out there (hint, hint:  the bailwick of GMA and Among Ed) where you just pay a lawyer a one-time, big-time fee and you'd get your papers in 6 months or less, BUT it's a risk.

Anyway, Ria and I will continue discussing the matter with our respective relatives (no, not to convince them to get back together--both ends want to end it asap) to prepare them for trial.

Crazy world, this planet.

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