Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama is to the US as Trillanes was to RP

By now everyone probably knows that Barack Obama has won the presidency of the United States of America.  As of press time, he has accumulated 349 electoral votes over John McCain's 147.

My take on the US Election is that it was a PROTEST VOTE.  People didn't dislike John McCain.  What's there to dislike about him?  He's a decorated Vietnam War veteran.  He's a senior member of the US Senate.  And he looks like he can be a Commander-in-Chief.  

The thing is, people disliked President George W. Bush.  And Bush belongs to the Republican Party.

Ang malas ni John McCain, he was the standard bearer of Bush AND the Republican Party.

So, kahit sino itapat mo sa kanya, dun boboto ang mga tao.  Not voting Republican was a form of protest by the American people.

It was a way of protesting the Iraq War.

It was a way of protesting the bad US economy.

It was a way of protesting all of Bush's policies.

I personally don't believe that people voted for Obama because of Obama.  Aside from his charming and eloquent ways, what else is there?

President-elect Obama has no track record to speak of.  He is a junior senator from Illinois.  You know what that means?  He was only on his first term as US Senator.  And in the 4 years he held that office, he spent 2 years launching his presidential bid.  He has authored not a single law.  Prior to his stint as US Senator, he was a practicing attorney.  He has no experience in leading a State, much less a city.  I did some more research on him, at talagang wala akong makita.  Magaling lang siya magsalita.

I truly believe people didn't vote for Obama because he was Obama.  People voted for Obama because he was the candidate against Bush and the Republicans.

Ganun lang yun.

Parang si Senator Trillanes.  The guy has no track record as a legislator to speak of.  His only claim to fame is that he  led a group of soldiers in a failed coup inside Oakwood hotel a few years ago and he looked good in a military uniform.  That's it.  But because he was against the GMA administration, binoto siya ng tao.  In short, PROTEST VOTE.

I highly doubt Filipinos voted for him because of his platform of government.  I don't think he had one.  Filipino voted for him because they wanted to get back at GMA.

Back to the US elections.

John McCain was the right candidate at the wrong time in the wrong political party.

Barack Obama was a the lucky candidate at the right time under the right political party.  Swerte niya talaga.

But now that he IS president, I hope Obama keeps and fulfills his campaign promises.  Ang dami niyang sinabing ang gandang gandang pakinggan, sana namay panindigan niya lahat yun.

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sTEDdy said...

Well said batch. I couldn't agree more. :)