Sunday, October 26, 2008

Two Cool Things About SM MOA

The missus and I went to SM Mall of Asia yesterday to do a little bit of post-wedding shopping.  Officially, I went there to purchase a tent for the local Red Cross chapter in my district.  We discovered two new and cool things in the mall.

Car Park Light Indicators

When we got to the car park, both of us noticed red lights and green lights hanging from the ceiling.  

Apparently, the red lights indicate that a parking slot was occupied while the green lights mean that a slot is vacant.  How cool is that?!  

So when you're driving, you don't need to go through each and every row to check if there's a free parking space.  All you have to do now is look out for a green light.  This innovation saves you time and gas.  I hope all parking lots follow suit.

Package Pick-Up Service

After buying the tent in ACE Hardware, I didn't want to carry it all the way back to the car so I asked if I could leave it at the ACE baggage counter.  Then I noticed a sign about the SM Package Pick-Up Service.  It's not really a new innovation but it was my first time to avail of it and it's so convenient.

What happens is I just fill up this piece of paper and I get a stub.  Then I can continue shopping around the mall.  Meanwhile, the store will transport the purchased item/good to the Package Pick-Up Station located at the back of the mall and it just stays there.  When I'm done shopping I go back to my car and then just pass by the Package Pick-Up Station, present my stub, and the attendants load my item/good in the car.  No hassle!  The service is very convenient for those buying large items.

Good job, SM!

Note:  This is NOT a paid advertisement.  The author is neither an employee nor a relative of an employee of SM Dept. Stores and Malls.  He has no personal connection or relation with any of the Sys.  The author also patronizes Rustans, Powerplant, Crossings, Metro Gaisano and other dept. stores in Metro Manila.  This article was written just to highlight a very commendable service of SM Malls and to encourage other mall operators to follow suit.  

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