Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some Initial Thoughts about being Married

1.  The ring takes a little getting used to.
I've been wearing my wedding band for about 10 days now and I keep on forgetting it.  Many times nasa daan na ako when I realize di ko pala siya suot.  So I have to go back to the house to get it.
My niece Rosanne told me not to take it off at all, but that's difficult to do 'coz it might fall off when I take a shower or go to bed.
I guess a few more weeks of this and I'll get a hang of it.

2.  The woman has it worse because of the additional paperwork.
Yesterday, Ria and I went to the bank to open a joint account.  Two things:  

First, she was required to produce an ID card with "Ablan" as her last name.  Problem was Ria doesn't want the hassle to change any of her ID cards.  Kakatapos lang i-renew ng passport niya, so that's out of the question.  If she updates her IBP card naman, she has to also update her records sa Bar Confidant.  Next, pag-GSIS naman, well, all gov't employees know what a pain in the neck it is to deal with GSIS, so cross out na rin.  Tapos yung Drivers License niya, di pa expired.  In short, wala siya ma-update right now.
Ako, I told her I don't care about the added name.  It doesn't really matter to me if she uses Berbano-Ablan or just Berbano.  But I told her na kelangan at least ONE ID niya may Ablan kasi requirement yan ng ibang government offices to prove one's civil status.

Second, but related to the first, Ria was asked to provide them with a signature with the name "Ablan."  Right there and there Ria and I started thinking of a signature.  Testing kami ng testing sa scratch paper, na napuno namin in 5 minutes, and yet wala pa kami mapili.  We told the bank teller "to follow" na lang yung signature.

Meanwhile, I don't need to change anything (except check "married" instead of "single" sa tickbox).  I don't need to change my name.  I don't need to reinvent my signature.


Mag-plug lang kami ni Ria.  We want to thank all of you who attended our wedding two weeks ago in Sarrat, Ilocos Norte.  Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for making our wedding day a truly special day!

And thank you, thank you, thank you for all the wedding gifts!  We love 'em and we'll definitely use 'em at home!

Once again, many thanks to our friends and relatives who travelled 500 kms to see us tie the knot! 

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