Sunday, October 19, 2008

Random Thoughts About Our Wedding

1.  When Ria and I were conceptualizing our wedding invite we didn't want it to be the usual kind of invitation--you know, the traditional and standard design.  In one of the wedding fairs we attended we noticed pop-up invites.  We immediately knew that was the kind we wanted.  Most of the designs had the couple as pop-ups, with the husband in barong and the bride in white gown, and a church as background.  Nag-isip kami ni Ria pano maiba.  Since both of us are lawyers, naisip namin na business suit damit namin and courtroom yung background.

Nawili kami sa lawyer theme na yun na naging main theme of the wedding.  The contents of the invitation was fashioned as a subpoena.

Moreover, my vows were written as an oath of office, while hers was an affidavit.

I mention this if only to emphasis that although we are indeed members of the Philippine Bar, neither of us appear regularly in court!  In fact, Ria and I despise litigation work.  It's not for us.

How ironic, no? :)

Oh well, a theme's a theme.

2.  The other day Ria and I opened the wedding gifts delivered to our Manila address (Thanks you guys!  We loved them all!).  We read the cards that came with the boxes and we noticed  after congratulating us most gift-givers wrote:

"Wishing you lots of babies!"

Lots of babies?

Now na?

Talk about pressure.

Nakaka-stress naman kayo.

Di ba mas-political correct ang:
"Wishing both of you to be fertile and in case of conception, we wish Ria doesn't have a difficult pregnancy!"

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