Monday, September 15, 2008

Ferdinand Marcos Day 2009

September 11, 2009 was declared President Ferdinand E. Marcos Day in the Province of Ilocos Norte by Malacanan Palace.

This year, the celebration was held in Batac City, where the late strong man was laid to rest.

Unlike last year, Marcos Day this year was a big celebration.  I don't know why mas bongga this year.  It's not like it's his centennial.  In fact,  it is only his 91st Birth Anniversary.

I only say this kasi ang daming taong pumunta from all over the Philippines.  There were Marcos loyalists from nearby Ilocos provinces, that was expected.  But to have loyalists come from as far away as Metro Manila, Bicol, Leyte and Mindanao, now that's something.

The emcee said there were about 10,000 loyalists.  Personally, I don't know how many 10,000 looks like but there a lot of people.

The Marcos Family (Madame Imelda R. Marcos, Congressman Bongbong Marcos, Governor Michael Marcos Keon, Board Members Angelo Marcos Barba and Nonong Marcos) sat on the stage of the Imelda Cultural Center.  Local government officials, like moi, joined them.

The program started with a parade of floats, marching bands and what not.  The theme for this year was Marcos' Golden Years.  It showcased his achievements while in power for 21 years like the Masagana 99 program, his infrastructure programs, the BLISS projects, National Health Care, and the Barangay System, among others.  

Now I really, really know why they call Ilocos Norte as 'Marcos Country.'  My provincemates really, really love him.  

It was funny to hear the emcees' justification of Marcos' use of authority.  If I was a leftist I would've stood up and clobbered them.

You remember the history lessons we heard in high school and college, about Marcos' atrocities against the people.  During the program, you'd hear nothing of that.  Just Marcos' achievements.  It was very surreal.

If you only listen to this side of the story, you'd really think Ferdinand Marcos was the best president this country ever had.

But don't get me wrong, I do think he was a great leader.  In fact, I initiated efforts to make September 11 a permanent local public holiday here in the province.  Heck, we have Quezon Day, Magsaysay Day, Aguinaldo Day, Aquino Day, why can't the Ilocanos have Marcos Day.

Pero to say he was the BEST president?  Ain't that stretching it too far?

Anyhoo, who am I to question what my provincemates think.  The fact is Ferdinand Marcos was a great ilocano leader.  Period.  I mean to go from Congressman to President in less than 20 years?  That's an achievement in itself.

After the program, Governor Keon spoke.  His speech was in Ilocano and you have to hand it to the guy.  He really tries.  I admire him for that.

Next to speak was Madame Imelda.  Naku when she spoke, the loyalists trooped in front of her and took pictures.

It was so funny because some loyalists posed in front of her to have their pictures taken, WHILE SHE WAS GIVING HER SPEECH.  I found it so amusing.

And then, Congressman Marcos spoke.  He gave a very fiery speech about the Supreme Court not recognizing them as executors of his dad's estate and not allowing them to bury him at the libingan ng bayani.

And then there was a short dance that followed.

And then it was lunch time.  We were all hungry coz it was past 1pm na.

In the afternoon they inaugurated the President Ferdinand E. Marcos Hall in Mariano Marcos State University.

To my kailians, belated Happy Marcos Day, apo! 


cecile said...

woooohooooH!!! i never thought i would read such lines even from a young politician! and an ABLAN at that!!!
I was born in the 70's and obviously hindi ako ganun ka-aware of the "atrocities" that some of us kept on retelling. I sympathize with our kailians but...
Siguro dahil sa Ilocos hindi na-magnify at halos wala kang mababalitaan na ganun noon -- hanggang '86.
Besides you can't express anger or any emotion/sentiment that mirrors that period when you aren't even interested beyond your toy slingshot and tagapulot based sweets at that opinion...
yup i was too young to remember anything from the Marcos period.
just want to say here that your honesty is refreshing, more like a "brand new" adrenaline shot for Ilocos politics! :)
sayang at sa kabilang district ka, uuwi ako sa botohan kung tatakbo ka uli kaso nasa kabila kang district! ano ba yan!!!

Kris Ablan said...

Hahahahaha! oks lang yun!

Anonymous said...

Kris, i thank you for putting your blog about the Marcoses. The late President Marcos was really a good president that the Philippines have ever had. The filipinos, especially the young generations doesn't really know what and how discipline we are during his regime. It was until his regime that the Malacanang Palace is open to the public. People around uses the ground for their daily walking exercise. People could do picnic on the bermuda grass of the Palace. The guards are very kind and always have a smiling face greeting us. The clinic is open for the public service with no payment to worry about. It was during his regime that we are developing, progressing, and competing to other developed countries. The chemistry of him and his wife is magnificent that is why they were envied and put into trapped. President Marcos is the only President who speaks directly from his heart and mind without reading any written 'codigo' or shall we say scripted speech. There was no scripted material presence. When he speaks, he is full of vision for our country and countrymen. This ability of President Marcos was envied that is why he is plotted. Aquino put up activism by using the students. He brainwashed them against the government and uses them by giving support for every rally they will make. The mess in our country started by the activism approach of Ninoy. Ninoy is just one of the aspirant to be on top. He pushes the student to attack Malacanang while he is standing behind the electric post watching the poor students risking their lives to the asault. Is that the kind of hero that the member of the people's power is claiming for? And now that the Philippines is in chaos, the people is blaming the Marcoses, The loan that the Philippines have was not assumed during his regime, It was a forwarded balance from the previous years. It is time for the filipinos to wake up and honor the great hero. When he was exiled to Hawaii, he has no idea that they will go there at the time of the people's powe. He doesn't want to leave the country and instead face the people and its leader to make a deal and hear their problem. But, the helicopter was there. it was already prepared. Everything was in the programmed. of prepared The people's power doesnt do good to the country. It was during PP that the Philippine suffered.