Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thank you, Wheels 4 Life!

 Three months ago I was surfing the net about bicycle safety and bike related laws when I came across the Wheels4Life website.

This foundation, started by Mr. Hans Rey, donates bicycles to poor and far-flung communities in need of transportation.  They've given thousands of bikes in Africa, Latin America and Asia, including the Philippines (Kalinga and Ormoc City).

Being a bike advocate and knowing that we have remote and hard-up barangays here in Ilocos Norte, I wrote them asking for help.  In a month, my request was granted!  And after another month, I received funding from Wheels4Life.  They wired me $1,500.00 (around PhP 65,000.00).  At PhP 2,700 per mountain bike (basic china-made MTB sold at a Local Bike Shop) the 65k can buy around 24 units!



Now, I've ordered the bikes already.  I'm just waiting for the report of the Social Welfare Officer of the town of Adams which would contain the list of potential beneficiaries.  I told Adams Mayor Eric Bawingan that the recipient must be a student living at least 8 kilometers away from school and belonging to an indigent family.

Once I get the list and verify the recipients' situation, I will travel to Adams (which is a good 70 kilometers away) to personally deliver the bikes.

Tiyak na madaming matutuwang batang Isneg sa bayan ng Adams.

Muli, maraming salamat, Wheels4Life! Mabuhay kayo!

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