Monday, August 04, 2008

Local Legislation 102

Having studied law and having worked in Congress I know how a bill becomes a law like the back of my hand.

I know that Congressmen have their own research teams  in their respective offices called Legislative Staff Officers or Legislative Staff Assistants.  They are the ones who draft the proposals.  A lot of Representatives just proof read them and then sign it na.  After filing and referral to a committee, the assigned committee has a handful staff that would do the legwork and supply the Chairman and Members with the needed research.  Pagkatapos ng initial hearing ang mag-aayos din lang naman ng bill ay ang Technical Working Group, comprised of congressional and committee staff.  When the bill reaches plenary debate, someone has already written the author's speech.  All he has to do is read it aloud.  When he is interpellated by a colleague, his staff coaches him all the way.

I guess what I'm trying to say is every step of the way a Congressman or Senator is always assisted by his research team.  Ganyan sa National level.

Opposite sa local legislation.

Wala kaming katulong.

Ako ang nagda-draft ng draft ordinance or resolution ko.  Granted, I copy some of my work from ordinances of other provinces, ako pa rin ang nag-aayos ng Whereas clauses.

After it is referred to a committee, ako din ang mag-aasikaso niyan.  Kunwari lang sa committee pupunta.  Wala naman talagang gaganapin na committee meeting.  Ako rin ang gagawa ng Committee Report.  Papapirma ko lang sa mga members ko.

Tapos pag ready na for 2nd reading, ako din gagawa ng sponsorship speech.  Mano mano lahat.

At pagnagkaroon ng amendments at na-approve, ako din ang mag-po-provide sa secretariat ng amended version.

Mahirap maging bokal kung gusto mo maging active.  Kelangan lahat sa yo.  Kung gusto mo may output, wala kang aasahan kundi sarili mo.

Yan ang natutunan ko dito sa SP.


july said...

As a municipal councilor in our municipality in san jose, camarines sur, i was impressed by your commitment to make your place be developed. Our municipality is a coastal area and also belongs to the 4th class municipality in the province of Camarines Sur. May I ask you a favor to please send me some copies of your ordinances that i think ,would help develop/improve my community.

Thank you!

Kris Ablan said...

July, please visit Nandun lahat ng mga ordinances and resolutions ko. Feel free to download them for your reference.

They're not all original. Some I've copied from Naga City and Marikina City.

Sana makatulong kahit papaano.