Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Purchasing Geena Silk in Divisoria

For our wedding this October, Ria and I wanted to decorate the reception area like this:

Unfortunately, the venue for the reception (a church garden) did not have any geena silk.  The caterer/s only had a few bundles.  Which meant Ria and I had to procure them (what to do with it after the wedding I don't know).

So, last Monday, I accompanied Ria to Divisoria to buy one roll of geena silk to supplement the caterer's stock.

It wasn't my first time in Divisoria.  I've gone there before.  However, in those times, I was either a driver or just waiting in a fastfood chain.  I don't remember shopping there myself.

Last Monday was the first time I did.

Ria said it was a good day since it was sunny and all the sellers were there.  There were lots of people, from all walks of life.  From the well-to-do (I noticed their saucy 'twang and demeanor) to the everyday man (with amateur-done tattoos all over their bodies).  And they sold all sorts of things.  They even had hawaiian hula-hula costumes, dog chains, and french fries/chicken deep fryers.  These guys sold everything.

Another thing I noticed was the smell.  There were some parts of Divisoria that smelled like industrial juice.  I would instantly remember the smell of basement parking of some malls and/or a garbage truck.  Parang ganun... na lingering.

Tapos may nagbebenta ng pineapple.

Pa'no ka naman kakain ng pineapple kung ganun yung amoy?

I also noticed some peddlers of selling Exra Joss.  Their cariton had a small loudspeaker playing the Extra Joss commercial ad.

I wondered why would anyone buy Extra Joss at that place.

Later on I realized why.

Nakakapagod palang umikot ng Divisoria.

Actually, after waiting on Ria to choose a ribbon in a store (Honey, how long does it take to pick a size and color?  Just grab one and let's go) I was thirsty for mamang peddler's Extra Joss energy drink.

Anyhoo, after going around the place, we stopped at a textile shop and bought a roll of geena silk.  Here I am carrying it along the streets of Divisoria:

And here I am perspiring and having a hard time carrying the damn roll after about 2 more minutes of walking:

Actually, the humiliating thing about this is that Ria had been doing similar things for the past 7 occasions for the wedding.  She had carried loads of pamaypays, katsa, and other wedding supplies.  From Divisoria all the way to her parked car in Tutuban Mall.  That's a long walk.  So, I really shouldn't be complaining.

Having said that, I wish magkakasya na yung dagdag na 1 roll sa reception venue.  I'd hate to go back to Divi and carry 2 more of those.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

how much is the geena silk?