Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What's up with the pose, BF?

What's MMDA Chairman Bayani 'BF' Fernando up to these days?  

And what did he eat to suddenly decide to be MMDA's poster boy?

These big white tarps are all over EDSA.  Some have been vandalized with paint (quid pro quo, sir?)

And what's with the 'saudi' pose?

C'mon, sir, you're better than that!  I idolize you for what you and the missus did in Marikina.  Don't be another trapo by posting your face all over the place.  Nawawala po ang respeto ko sa inyo.

And if you must insist (for your 2010) bid, please, lose the pose.  A simple, sincere smile would do much better.  

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