Friday, March 21, 2008

Manila Ocean Park

Last Monday, I brought my relatives to the newly opened Manila Ocean Park (MOP) located behind the Quirino Grandstand in the City of Manila.  Kasama ko si Ria, yung sisters-in-law ko and their children.

Ria and I wanted to go here for the longest time so that we could compare it with Singapore's Underwater World in Sentosa.

Although MOP is not completely finished (paper signages, exposed outlets, and unpaved flooring, to mention a few), Ria and I both agree that MOP is better.
First, because of this.  Upon entering the park, this is what you see.  An open-air, plantful aquarium with mini-waterfalls.

Then you enter a dark hall with more aquariums featuring marine life from the dee blue sea.  There are interactive touch-screen panels for those who want to know more about the animals.

Then you proceed to a round hall with even bigger aquariums featuring more fish.  This time with a sunken ship theme.

Afterwards, you enter the underwater tunnel where you are surrounded by different marine animals.

The last exhibition is an even larger aquarium which showcase sharks and manta rays.  Even the roof is not spared as it doubles as an aquarium for other manta rays.

Having said that, I wish the management would fast-track the completion of this marine zoo so that visitors could really enjoy their stay.  Sana matapos na yung mall na adjacent sa park, at yung mga finishing touches sa harap ng park at sa parkingan sana i-prioritize.

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