Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gov. Spitzer Resigns Amidst a Prostitution Scandal

New York Governor Elliot Spitzer earlier announced, in a press conference, his resignation from office for being linked to a prostitution ring.

The scandal erupted just this Monday after US federal law enforcement officials disclosed that a wiretap had caught the 48-year-old chief executive spending thousands of dollars on a call girl at a fancy Washington hotel on the night before Valentine's Day.

"I cannot allow my private failings to disrupt the people's work," Spitzer said in Wednesday's presscon. He made the announcement without securing a plea bargain with US federal prosecutors.

Spitzer will be replaced by Lt. Gov. David Paterson next Monday.

Palabra de Honor and Delicadeza is very much alive overseas as Gov. Spitzer resigned only amidst allegations. And he did it swiftly--within a week. You got to give it to the Americans. Hindi sila kapalmuks.

This is not an isolated event. Just recently, Clinton fundraiser Geraldin Ferraro also quit her post because of her remarks about the Obama campaign. She allegedly said that the only reason why Obama was winning was because of his African-American image. This drew some flack and Ferraro was attacked in the media. So, she resigned.

And not to long ago naman, Obama supporter Samantha Power also resigned after telling a reporter that Hillary was a 'monster.' Yun lang ha, dahil sa isang comment, nag-resign na siya.

Kahanga-hanga sila, hindi dahil sa mga ginawa nila, pero dahil nagbitiw sila sa posisyon dahil sa mga ginawa nila. At hindi sila naghintay na maaresto, masampahan ng kaso at humarap sa husgado. They resigned immediately after the controversy erupted.

Ganito din in other countries, like Korea, Japan, Taiwan and the UK. Pagma-link ka sa controversy, resign agad. Better to keep honor and lose the job, than to keep the job but with a tainted reputation.

I hope I could say the same for people here in the Philippines, but I can't. Dito kasi politicians hold on to power no matter what. Kahit ilang controversies na ang ma-link sa kanila at kahit obvious na obvious na madumi ang kanilang mga kamay, sige pa rin--they hung on to their posts all the tighter. Pipigain nila ng pipigain hanggang sa kadulo-duluhan. Di bale na that they bring down the administration's credibility with them or that their actions hamper economic progress, their posts are apparently their vested rights.

Everytime I watch them on the news all they say is, 'intayin natin ang desisyon ng husgado', 'wala pa namang demanda', 'wala naman daw ebidensya', so on, so forth, and the worst is, 'hindi ako magbibitiw kasi malinis ang aking konsensya.' Oh, god, give me a break.

That's not the point eh. The point is you lost credibility. And without credibility, how can you demand respect from your subordinates?

Where are your senses of honor and delicadeza? Have you lost them together with the values of honesty and integrity?

Here in the Philippines, politicians are either really innocent of charges hurled against them, or are just plain thick faced.

Paging Gov. Spitzer, can we invite you here as guest speaker? Our embattled politicians could learn a thing or two from you (besides, we're all assumed to be frisky and womanizers anyway, so no moral problem in that department).

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