Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Road Sign Project

This is another little project of mine.  One thing I noticed while traveling along the Ilocos highway is that there aren't enough road signs point to the province's tourist spots.  Not unless you're from the area or its your second time.  That's why I thought of making tourist road signs like the ones they have abroad--Brown with directional signs.

Now, I only had a small budget, so I had to choose my points-of-interest carefully.  I could only afford 4 signs.  I picked Cape Bojeador Lighthouse (pictured above) 'coz its signs were fading away; Kapurpurawan Rock Formation (pictured below) because it's a new attraction; the Bangui Viewdeck; and the Bangui Windmills.

If you'd noticed, there are two designs.  The one above was the prototype.  The fabricator didn't quite get what I wanted.  The edges are pointy.  Sa next batch, he got it right--rounded na yung edges.

Anyhoo, I had the 4 signs put up today, in time for those going on a road trip this Holy Week and for the summer season.  When I get more funds, magpapagawa pa ako for Mairaira Cove, Patapat Viaduct, Kaangrian Falls and Paoay Lake.

All for local tourism sake. 

Forgive the small "KRA" in the lower right corner.  I didn't want to be "trapo"-esque and put my whole name underneath the sign, like I owned it, but I couldn't not put a 'mark' naman.  I had to put something.  It's just for identification and future reference.

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