Wednesday, March 05, 2008

CNN Interactive-Touch-Screen-Political-Map-Watchamacallit

Have you been watching the US political news in CNN lately?  They have this huge interactive touch screen showing the political map of the 50 States.  They're using it to explain the election results for the Republican and Democrat Primaries.
Ang galing!  With a flick of the finger, the screen scrolls east, west, north or south.  When the newscaster touches the screen with two fingers and slides them apart the map zooms in!  and when he slides them closer it zooms out!  He can highlight, draw, encircle.  It's like a multi-colored blackboard, minus the chalk dust!

I remember tuloy the movie Minority Report, when the character of Tom Cruise would operate a similar much advanced system.  Yung pinagkaiba lang sa movie, Cruise would draw in thin air, parang 3-D.  Sa CNN, plasma touch screen.  Pero the technology is there.

Wow, gusto kong magkaganun.  Tapos mag-google earth ako and stalk my brothers, sisters and friends living abroad.  Magkano kaya yun?

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Marco Polo ou le voyage imaginaire said...

I was also impress by the CNN technology. If you know about the details of this technology, please inform me.