Wednesday, January 07, 2009

"Death of a Laoag Heritage School" (from PDI)


As it stands (no pun intended), the Laoag Central Elementary School will be relocated to another site to give way to a commercial establishment.

Initially, I was against it since the condition of the donation by the church to the city was that the land be used only for educational purposes.  Since leasing for commercial purposes is not education, ma-re-rescind yung deed of donation.

That's why I attended the public hearing called by the mayor last year.  I thought magkakampi kami ng simbahan at ng DepEd.  Hindi pala.  Oddly enough, in favor yung church at yung DepEd.

So I said sa public hearing, "Eh ano pa masasabi ko, eh kung yung mga stakeholders ay pabor sa demolisyon at relokasyon, tapos na ang laban."

I thought that was that.  LCES would be transferred and a new mall would take its place in central Laoag City.

And then na-mention ko sa brod ko na si Ivan Henares, a trustee of Heritage Conservation Society, yung LCES.  Tinanong niya kung Gabaldon yung school.

Gabaldon?  Ewan ko.

I took a picture and MMS to him.  

He replied, "That's a Gabaldon school, Kris.  And it's two stories.  That's rare."

"That should be protected," my brod continued.

Yada-yada-yada, Ivan did his magic, and out came that article in Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Will it change anything?  I don't know.  Mayor Farinas is determined to put up that mall.    

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