Friday, January 09, 2009

Checkmate, Bambee

Dad, Son and Daughter (Bambee) go to Golf Course to play a round of golf.

While playing, a group overtakes them in the course--a golf no-no.

Dad goes to group to complain.  They get into an argument.  Punches are exchanged.  Son intervenes to stop the fight.  The Group, headed by a mayor from Mindanao, instead of stopping, includes the kid in the brawl.

Daughter shouts for them to stop hurting her dad and 14 year old brother.  They beat the two to a pulp.

Dad, Son and Daughter report the incident to the golf course administration.  Their complaint is ignored.

They go to the police.  The latter is slow in processing the complaint.

Daughter turns to the internet and blogs about the incident.  It catches media's attention.

Spotlight on Mindanao mayor and his Secretary dad.  They wash their hands in TV land saying it was the Dad, Son and Daughter who started the fight and they were just acting in self-defense.

Pressure on mayor and secretary dad to apologize publicly.

The two refuse to, reiterating their claim that they didn't start the fight.

Dad, Son and Daughter persist on filing a criminal case against Mindanao mayor.

Mindanao mayor fights back by filing a LIBEL case against Daughter for her blog in MINDANAO.

Checkmate.  Mayor will win this battle.

"This is the story of Bambee dela Paz and her dad and brother.  Instead of pursuing the case, there are now talks of settling the case out of court.  You know why?  Because of the libel case filed by the mayor in his home town, which would require Bambee to physically go their to answer the charges.  The law on libel allows the aggrieved party to file his case in his place of residence.  This flaw was utilized by the mayor as a bargaining chip against the Dela Pazes who were hell bent in suing him.

And I think the mayor won.  Can you imagine Bambee travelling all the way to the mayor's territory to answer charges of libel?  It's not just about transportation costs, Bambee is a student athlete on a golf scholarship in the US.  How can she continue with her studies if she is in Mindanao?

Tsk, tsk, tsk.  Matalino lawyer ni Mayor.  Checkmate, Bambee"

[But I wouldn't call this game over yet.  Bambee's lawyer is Raymond Fortun.  This guy is smart enough to outwit the libel charge.  Let's see how it goes.]

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