Thursday, December 04, 2008

You know it's Christmas when...

There are bazaars and tiangges left and right!

Here is the missus shopping in the Noel Christmas Bazaar in World Trade Center:

There is another one again at World Trade Center.  World Christmas Bazaar ata yung name, sponsored by ABS.  I hope we have time this weekend so we could go and shop, lest magtampo mga kamaganak na wala silang gifts. 

Happy shopping, Christmas shoppers!

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lex tupas said...

Hey Kris...yup unfortunately...kasi 1st class highly urbanized city kami...what an irony hehe...buti pa iloilo province they have one of the most modern provincial capitols in the country. Anyway, I have what i call LEX reports ... annual accomplishment report ko posted in and i also have this as part of my Xmas special TV program at radio show pati newspaper column. Naniniwala ako kasi na parang noong nasa private c0mpany pa ako, we do year end reports and we face performance evaluation. Since I ran as an independent and adopted by the local opposition, yung malalaking politiko sa city kinalaban ako pero i still made it and got 73,000 votes kaya laki ng utang na loob ko sa tao. They are my boss.