Friday, October 10, 2008

Ante-Nuptial Agreement

Ria and I had our Ante-Nuptial Agreement (or "PreNup") notarized yesterday.  It was witnessed by Mr. Mariano Honrado--Julia's Dad, and my sister, Annette.

It's a short document, consisting of only 3 pages.  Most, if not all, of its sections are carbon-copies of the Family Code provisions on Conjugal Partnership of Gains.

Basically, what Ria and I agreed is that all property she owned prior to the marriage is her exclusive property (cars, laptop, house and lot) and the same for me (car, laptop, bike, celfone, sando, boxer shorts, you get the drift).

Property bought after the marriage rite, and during the marriage, is community property.

Ayaw lang namin ng present "default" marriage settlement, which is Absolute Community.

Anyway, we tried to register our PreNup sa Local Civil Registrar early this morning.  Funny, di daw sila nag-aaccept ng ganun document.

Eh sabi sa amin ng married friends namin ni-re-register yun sa Local Civil Registrar.

Baka hindi uso ang PreNup dito sa Ilocos.

I'll have to look into this next week.  Basta ang importante, napa-notarize na BEFORE the wedding. 


sTEDdy said...

Hi batch! I'm sorry I won't be able to go to Ilocos for your wedding. I'd love to, but hospital work won't permit it.

Congratulations! I'm happy for you brother. I haven't met Ria. Give my warmest regards to her. I wish both of you well.

I decided to comment here cos I noticed you don't get replies here. Sayang naman. Hehe. Virtual handshake. :D

Kris Ablan said...

Thanks, batch!