Monday, August 25, 2008

This book got my attention, but I quickly placed it back on the shelf

While accompanying Ria shop for wedding stationery at National Bookstore, I noticed this book in one of the aisles.

Bibilhin ko na sana eh...

Diplomat, Artist.... tsan-tsananan!!! AND JUDO MASTER!!!

Si Amba talaga oo.  Nasira yung title nung nilagyan niya ng "Judo Master" yung cover ng libro niya.

It would've looked a lot better if the title simply said, "Rafael Gonzales--An Autobiography"

If Amba wanted to entice customers to read his book by stating that he is an artist AND a judo master, I think he did the opposite.

Judo Master?!

Why would I buy a book about an ambassador who's an artist AND a judo master?


There are many painters who are judo practitioners at the same time out there, and vice-versa.

May be Amba does have a market for his book!

In that case, I take back everything that I said!

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