Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pedicabs are PUVs, so they should follow traffic laws

  They say Jeepneys are the Kings of the Road because they drive like they are kings of the road.  They stop when they want.  They go when they want.

Others argue that the new kings of the road are buses since not only do they stop and go as they please, but they also take 2 or 3 lanes of the highway when they swerve.

But I disagree.  I believe the real kings of the road are the pedicabs and their friggin' drivers.

These guys really think they are the kings of the road because not only do they stop and go when they feel like it, but they are so slow moving that they paralyze the flow of traffic, worse, they break all traffic laws known to man.

At least bus, jeepney and taxi drivers hold drivers licenses and when they get caught by the police they have to pay a fine.

Pedicab drivers don't have licenses.  So they break the law left and right.

The worst infraction for me is when they counterflow to an extent na they feel that they are the ones driving at the proper direction.

Ang yayabang.

What's even worse than that is if they do get into an accident, let's say scratch a bumper, kamot ng ulo lang ang aabutin mo sa kanila.


At the end of the day, as a driver/commuter, wala ka rin magagawa.  You bear the loss.

Kaya, King of the Road talaga ang pedicab driver.  They get away with everything.

And what do you do to Kings in this day in age?  You put them in their place or you make them obsolete. 

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