Thursday, May 22, 2008

TESDA-JITCO Skills and Technology Training Program

Another project that's keeping me busy here in Laoag is this special training program of TESDA.  It is a joint initiative with TESDA's counterpart in Japan, JITCO (short for Japan International Training Cooperation Organization) to bring Filipino skilled workers to train in Japan for a maximum of 3 years (and get some allowance, siyempre).

I was very fortunate enough to have met the good people at Ocean Bridge and Arc Foundation (OBAF) which is a TESDA-accredited Sending Organization.  I invited them over to Laoag a month ago to give an orientation on the program to interested persons, and just like that they booked their tickets and came over last week.  Salamat po, ma'am Malou and JR!

The program works like this:

1.  A person should be skilled in welding, electronics, plastic molding, painting or sandblasting, among others.  He applies with a Sending Organization (OBAF in this case).  Takes an exam.  Undergoes a medical exam.

2.  If he qualifies, he is sent to a training facility in Laguna to learn Nihonggo for 4 months.  The training is free.

3.  If he passes the language exam, he processes his passport and other documentary requirements.

4.  The trainee is sent to Japan (plane fare is paid by the Sending Organization)

5.  Trainee is assigned to an Accepting Company (Hitachi, Canon, Sony, etc.) where they hone their skills for the next 3 years.  They are given a monthly allowance, which is very competitive and attractive compared to working here in the Philippines.

If you know anyone in the Ilocos area who does welding, painting, sandblasting, plastic molding, furniture making or electronics (aged between 19 to 25), and would want to train abroad, tell them to attend the next orientation on May 31, Saturday, at the Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos Auditorium in Sarrat, Ilocos Norte. 1:00pm-4:30pm.

For more information, interested parties can contact (77) 770-4696 or visit our office at Rm 214, Ilocano Heroes Hall, Rizal St., Laoag City.  Look for Ms. Melymar Astocia.


Akirajin said...

Konbanwa!... i am one of the applicant of the OBAFinc. here in DAVAO city. by the way Im Mr. A.P. 'Tis a very nice project. that would give all the Filipino youth 2 have a chance 2 fulfill there dream, including me.
Domo arigatou!...

glaced said...

konnichiwa,im one of those thousand trainee tesda-jitco training program under greenlife foundation,yeah it is a very nice project but there is some problems needed to improve because i am almost one year graduate in that sed foundation but im still here in phils. not only me there are more trainee that have the same problems like me.....hopefully after these they response to our problem yes these training is free but how about the everyday expenses the food,boarding house, fare,

arnil said...

KOnichiwa! i am one of the trainee that send in japan. i only finished only 1 year because of the global crisis. I returned in the philippines last sept. 24 2009.I have a question, is there any chances to go back in japan?

Anonymous said...

is this project still open until now??? i want to join,,,

Anonymous said...

by rules, an intern is allowed to undergo the training program up to 3 years. but technically less than 1 percent of the trainees sent to japan stay beyond a year. what is the reason? because according to JITCO rules, the trainee should pass the japanese language proficiency test to be able to continue with the training, that means there is a level of reading, writing and communication skills that should be met.second,if the accepting organization retains the trainee,under the labor law of japan, the trainee is already entitled to a minimum salary which is basically contrary to the objectives of the training program.

so if you have already undergone 1 year training, dont expect there is another year for you to stay because the japanese know, youll learn the rules and chances of running away from you boss is high.

ALFREDO said... from davao city..can i ask if what is the exact location of that OBAFinc. that u mentioned?..I just want to apply for japan I hoped u can help me too..

ALFREDO said...

@Akirajin..can i ask u if what is the exact location of that OBAFinc that u mentioned?..I want to apply as a trainee in japan i hope u can help me..thank you and God Bless..

Heizlie said...

may email address po ba kayo? gusto ko lang po mag inquire..

Goro Ima said...

Hi, I am Mr. Takashi Miyahara, a Japanese national with immigrant visa here. We have a TESDA accredited assessment center and training center in QC. LatelyI have inquiries from Japanese businessmen who own homes for aged in Japan about partnership of sending Filipino caregivers. Can I talk with you? March 14, 2014

Kris Ablan said...

Hi, Mr Goro Ima. I am not a government licensed practitioner, sorry. But I can refer you to one if that's what you want.

rojean delos reyes said...

meron po ba kayong branch malapit sa bataan, at pwede hangang ano po age pwede mag aral sa inyo? pahingi narin po ng contacts nyo para atleast matawagan ko po kayo, salamat