Saturday, May 31, 2008

Oplan Tuli and Med Mission in Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte

When I'm not legislating, nagsa-sideline ako ng ibang projects.  This summer, nag-organize ako ng TESDA-JITCO STTP Orientation Seminar to help my constituents hone their skills.  Second, kinareer ko yung 2-stroke engine conversion for tricycles by talking to the exclusive distributor of SKN LPG Conversion Kits and by visiting Vigan City to learn more about Envirofit's Direct Incylinder Fuel Injection Conversion Technology.  And hopefully, this coming June naman, matuloy yung Recyclables Market ko sa San Nicolas.

Meanwhile, just last week, together with UP College of Medicine (CM) Regionalization Students Organization (RSO), I organized a mini-medical mission in Brgy. Davila, Pasuquin.  The RSO is under a special program of UPCM wherein students from a particular region go back to their provinces every year to give back to the community.  I was lucky enough to talk to my friend Tina Langit last March and napili nila yung Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte as their area this summer.  6 of them came for the mini-med mission last May 27.  Tina (Pangasinan), DS (Pangasinan), Anthony (La Union), Ais (Ilocos Norte), Jotty (Zambales) and Gian (Nueva Ecija).  Sumabit yung isang brod ko, si Jegar Catindig.

We were warmly received by Brgy. Officials and SK Officials in Brgy. Davila.

We were joined by doctors from the provincial hospital and nurses from Northern Christian College.  Also, the staff of my dad came to bring in some medicines.  Thanks, you guys!  It wouldn't have been a success without you.

All in all, they were able to circumcise 50+ boys.


RDGelzer said...

A number of us in the US are very interested in the direct injection and gaseous fuels retrofit projects. Some of us have donated funds to EnviroFit to support its efforts. We'd all be very interested to hear your observations "on the ground" regarding the benefits they've found, if any, from these programs and also the difficulties with starting up these sorts of community benefit projects. Many thanks for your efforts on behalf of the people there.

Reed Gelzer
Wallingford, CT USA

Kris Ablan said...

Hi, Reed!

It is unfortunate that after all consultations and seminars conducted by the city government of Vigan and Envirofit about the benefits of direct incylinder retrofit conversion kits, few have had their two-stoke engine tricycles converted.

Of the over 3,000 tricycles in Vigan, only 65 have signed up.

The main problem in Vigan is the price. P18,000 (about $400) is still too expensive to ordinary tricycle drivers.

However, in Puerto Princesa, the City Government was able to allocate money to purchase 500 kits for 500 tricycles, so I think the project will be successful there.

Sadly, not all local government units here have spare money to purchase kits for tricycles.

feel free to contact me directly via email ( for more details about retrofit conversion here in the Philippines.

Kris Ablan