Thursday, April 17, 2008

Help me complete the list!

We always complain about the corrupt officials of government, blaming them for everything that's wrong with this country. They're the reason why the Philippines is the perennial basket case of Asia, they are the snakes, the crocodiles, the lowest of the low, so on, so fort, but have we ever thought about the honest and principle ones? 

They exist, you know. Government officials, whether elected or appointed, who believe in the system; who strive to make it work; who try to be leaders by example.

I created another multiply site to identify all those honest and principled public leaders with the desire that the list will inspire the corrupt officials to turn in a new leaf, and for all of us, to keep on believing that there is still hope that our nation can be a peaceful, unselfish, just, god-fearing and progressive nation.

Please, help me complete the list.  Click on:


superdhebz said...

I added it already =)

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