Monday, April 07, 2008

Flower Economics

What is the difference between the bouquet of Malaysian Mums on the left and the one on the right?

Well, the one on the left cost me P30.00.  The one on the right costs P195.00.

Their prices differ by a hundred sixty pesos.  Thats a mark up of 500%.

Why the huge difference?

Well, the one on the left is on sale in Baguio's Public Market.  The bouquet on the right is displayed in one of Glorietta's Flower Shops.

I was in Baguio recently canvassing flowers with Ria in preparation for our wedding this October.  I had to ask the saleslady if she meant P30.00 per stem.  I couldn't believe it was just thirty pesos per bundle! OMG!  I've been cheated by H#ll@*d T*l!p$ all these years!  Ang laki naman ng patong nila!  Sobrang bukol naman yun!

... ... ...

Well, as a management student, that's just business and economics.

Anyhoo, the next time I give Ria flowers, I'll make sure both of us are in Baguio. : ) 

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Tisha said...

Kahit sa Dangwa ganu'n ka-mahal?

I was advised not to get married in Feb or May because flower prices skyrocket. Oct ka naman, so it's all good. Hehe.