Friday, January 18, 2008

unintentional discovery

And yet again, without me doing any intentional investigation, I stumbled into another 'irregular' practice in government.

(I am purposely being vague right now to protect myself from any possible incrimination in the future.)

Anyhoo, I was just being myself when I asked about 'it' on the floor, during session. Nobody knew the answer, so I reserved to raise it the next time.

So, two days before the next session, I called up the office of the Chair of the committee in charge and advised them to do their research because I was going to bring up the issue on the coming monday.

In less than 30 minutes I got a phone call from a high-ranking local official asking me if I could not raise the subject during session because it is his (or her) project.


I was speechless. I didn't know I was stepping on someone's foot. I was just being myself. Friends in highschool, college and law school would attest to the fact that I am simply an inquisitive person (except that time when Atty. Leonen told me to count to 5 before raising my hand).

Anyway, come monday time, out of respect of my manong (or manang), I kept quiet. I didn't want to ruffle any feathers at this point of my term, especially since there have been many unresolved killings in the province. I didn't want to be number __.

My question is, why does every activity or project here have to be connected to a public official. I can't launch an investigation or inquiry without me being called by Mr. so-and-so to slow down or to turn away. It's ridiculous.

And wala silang pinapalampasan. Every possible thing na pwede pagkakitaan, pagkakakitaan nila.

It's true, maliit nga sweldo naming mga public officials, but that doesn't give us the license to make a quick buck at the expense of the tax-paying public. If you want to get rich, go back to the private sector or work abroad.

Which is what I am planning to do after my 3 year term. Give up na kasi ako na mababawi ko pa yung ginastos ko nung election eh. Di ako makaipon-ipon dito.

Para makapundar for my family, I would have to transfer back to the private sector. Then, pag-yumaman na ako, I could probably go back to public service.

Meanwhile, hinay-hinay muna ako sa SP. Kahit kasi di ko sinasadya nadadapa ako sa mga anomalya sa gobyerno.

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A.G. said...

It's tough to be idealistic in a place where there are people who are not pure of heart.

I had the pleasure of crossing paths with you last December when you took a photo of me and my son at the photo exhibit you sponsored.

Although we lost, it was a fun experience - being just transients in this province. In my short stay here, I've met landlords with horrible attitudes, vendors who take advantage of non-locals, and people in power with appalling principles. On the other hand, I've made a lot of friends - simple members of the academe who devote their lives to serving the students here instead of giving in to juicy offers abroad, well-bred friends who keep a low profile despite their status, and the lowly workers who are genuinely hardworking and kind to us.

I wish there were more of those simple, generous, and hardworking people. I really hope they would soon outnumber greedy, self-absorbed, amoral people who think of nothing but enriching themselves.