Monday, January 21, 2008

So let me get this straight, Kapumilya...

Let me get my facts straight:

ABS comes out with fantastic ads declaring them No. 1 according to AC Nielsen (NIELSEN). This goes on for several years.

Meanwhile, as early as 2002, GMA filed a case against ABS for manipulating the survey results by influencing the respondents (visiting their homes, etc.)

2002, mind you.

Then came 2007, and this case went public. How it became public, I'm not sure. The only I remember is that ABS starts coming out with announcements (on TV) lambasting GMA. This time, ABS is the one accusing GMA of tampering with the NIELSEN survey.

Now instead of settling this quietly, or at least in court, these two media giants go after each other on the air wave like there's no tomorrow.

ABS comes out with station announcements. So does GMA.

ABS reports it on its evening news. GMA will do the same.

ABS fires back on radio. Dido GMA.

ABS prints its clarification on the major dailies. GMA defends itself also in print.

This is getting silly, guys. It's embarassing. Really.

Whatever happened to Journalism Etiquette. Are ethics in media dead?

I mean, if you have something against another journalist take it up to court. Or go for arbitration or mediation or something.

Don't abuse the privilege given to you and attack your adversary on the tv and radio. Its ungentlemanly behavior.

Now, the latest thing I heard was Kapuso would like to deal with this matter in court (like I said, a case was filed as early as 2002) and would like to avoid trading barbs on air. The only thing is, they will continue to defend via tv and radio as long as Kapamilya attacks them via tv and radio.

So, I guess the ball's with Kapamilya.

Please, guys, stop what you're doing. yes, you're media giants, but that doesn't give you license to use media to exploit an issue.

Settle this in Court. Just outside our view.

'coz frankly, we're not interested

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