Thursday, January 03, 2008

Star City's Snow World

Last January 1, Ria and I both wanted to do something special, it being the 1st day of the year. We decided to go to Star City and check out the SNOW WORLD attraction.

Big mistake. I'm not sure if it was because it was New Year, but there were a lot of people. And I mean A LOT. Pagdating namin sa may Snow World, we saw a long line. So, we traced it. My gulay, ang haba. Umabot ng Little Mermaid Ride (which was very far) at nag-Snake pa. If I had anything better to do, I would have told Ria to come at another time. But I had nothing else to do. Besides, we met up with my nieces and grandniece,and they were there. So, naki-pila kami. We were there at 9pm. We got to the front at 11pm. TWO HOURS of waiting in line! The longest wait ever!

I was preparing to be dissappointed. I told myself, this must be a crappy attraction. I was even thinking of not wearing the provided jackets 'coz I thought I could take the temperature. Sabi ko pa nga sa sarili ko, 'di siguro ganun kalamig, baka parang aircon lang.'

Buti na lang sinuot ko. Malamig nga.

The sign said negative 15 degrees.

ganun nga. Dahil nangatog buto ko sa lamig.

Once in, the first thing you'd see are the ice sculptures. Now there's a big sign that says, 'NO CAMERA IS ALLOWED.' So I didn't use my Cybershot. But I still took pictures. The Hell, I waited 2 hours in line and I can't even take a picture?! Are you kidding me?

So of snap away I did, with my K750i. 2 megapixel lang, pero that's better than memories. I took pictures of my nieces and grandneices. They took shots of us.

As you proceed you will see a slide. So, siyempre, para sulit yung 100, trinay namin. Keep your hands to yourself, otherwise, maputol daliri mo sa ice.

Later, nag-picture uli kami sa tapat ng Christmas Tree at igloo. Nag-snow ng malakas kaya di kita grandniece ko sa igloo. Sayang.

I've only seen fallen snow (in Reno and Lake Tahoe), so I'm not sure if the 'snow' that fell was really what it'd look like. Pero parang grated ice lang yun eh.

Anyhoo, I wanted to stay longer, para sulit yung inintay ko na 2 hours, pero baka mag-frostbite na si little Miah, so we left after 10 minutes.

So is it worth it? If you'd like to experience extreme cold and see falling grated ice, why not?

Sulit yun sa 100 pesos. If you do decide to go, do so in the early afternoon.

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