Monday, September 17, 2007

Convenient CebuPac

Whenever I travel to and fro Laoag, I usually take the Cebu Pacific Airbus. Its relatively affordable and I get to my destination in an hour.

If i take the car, I would have to shell out 1,500 for gas. Another 300 for toll. And 200 for the merienda of the driver. Thats 2,000, not to mention the added wear-and-tear to the vehicle. Pluse, it takes 9 hours.

Suppose I take the bus. For a deluxe aircon bus, it would cost 750. cheaper, yes, but travel by bus is slower, so you'd reach Laoag after 10 hours.

With Cebu Pacific, I spend 900 for a one-way trip. Only a couple of hundred pesos more than via bus, but with shorter travel time. Just 50 minutes!

For me, sulit ang mag-cebu-pac. Thats if you don't mind travelling mid-day.

And so, Mr John and Mr Lance, thank you very much for Cebu Pacific. Thank you for servicing the Manila-Laoag route!

Now if I could only win in the "bring me" games...

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