Thursday, June 14, 2007

Looking behind my shoulder

Last night I attended the Search for Binibining SK 2007 in Barangay Davila, Pasuquin Town. The local SK invited me to be the Guest Speaker. It was my first public appearance as an elected public official, and the first since Bacarra Town Mayor Philip Velasco was gunned down during a similar public event.
And so you really couldn't fault me for being jittery last night.
I always looked behind me. Checking my back. For any unknown, spooky and creepy individuals lurking at the back.
You know what upped the nervous level?
When it blacked out. I heard some popping on my left and I saw sparks. I thought they were gun shots. Praning ako sobra. Yun pala pumutok yung transformer. And then the lights went out. Man, natakot ako.
Buti na lang the organizers fixed the problem and the electricity went right back up.
But they shouldn't be using all those special effects, lights and sounds. The production was just using a lot of power. Kaya talagang bibigay yung kuryente.
Anyway, the point is, after the Velasco shooting, I think all public officials of Ilocos Norte are now more jittery than ever. Because of what happened we have to be extra cautious. Kahit ayaw ko ng security escort (as in ayaw ko), at this point, kelangan eh. Di mo na alam ang mga maiitim na balak ng mga ibang pulitiko dyan.
Kaya kelangan mahuli yang mastermind ng Velasco Killings na yan. Otherwise, warlords and pulitikos would think they can get away with such a thing, and well-meaning public officials like me would constantly look behind our shoulders...

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