Saturday, March 31, 2007


Oh My Friggin' G__! Sobra akong pagod sa first day of campaigning.

In the morning I went to Iglesia Ni Cristo to submit my letter. And then I went to COMELEC to submit my sample campaign t-shirt in compliance with Resolution 7838 (I try to follow the rules as much as I can). Afterwards, I passed by the local Red Cross chapter. Pagkatapos, I went to Pasuquin to shake hands with parents sa graduation exercise ng Ilocos Norte Agriculture College. From there, I proceeded to Piddig, where I met with local leaders.

This afternoon was the killer. Nag-house-to-house ako sa Laoag. I walked through 4 barangays greeting and shaking hands with every person I could see. Under the friggin' sun. Tapos ang init init init pa. Pawis na pawis ako.

This evening nag-meeting ako with my execom. Inayos namin yung mga volunteers namin. After dinner I met with my old baseball teammate, JP Agustin, who was in town. Kwentuhan lang ng sandali. And then I had to go home to meet some folks from CFC who are in charge of the GK program here in Laoag.

And then, just when I thought I could call it a day, I had to go to a Barangay Rally to join the city slate in campaigning. Lampas 12mn na ako nakauwi.

Sigh. And it's just the first day. 44 more of this to go.


Drink Red Bull. Wear sun screen.


Tisha said...

Hey Kris! Have you read "Freakonomics"? It's the book where "a rogue economist explores the hidden side to everything." Anyway, in it he used economics to come to the conclusion that "the amount of money spent by candidates hardly matters at all...What really matters for a political candidate is not how much you spend; what matters is who your are." He says it's all about appeal, which is all well and good...but then he was talking about the US. I was talking to someone about this, and he said that the scenario is different in the Philippines. You can't win without money 'coz to win you have to cheat...and that takes money.

What do you think? Just curious.:)

Btw, stock up on the Red Bull na!

KrisAblan said...

hi, tisha!
yep, read "Freakonomics."
I think Appeal and Charisma goes a long long way. But money is also an important factor.

Case in point, I wanted to get pure volunteers. as in volunteers lang talaga. Pero mahirap kumuha ng ganun. In order to keep them, I still need to give them some kind of incentive.

But I'm keeping it at a minimum.

Meanwhile, ako na lang yung kumakanta at sumasayaw para menos gastos sa entertainment expense.

thanks for the heads up!

Tisha said...

Hahaha. Would love to see that! And I'd volunteer if only I could get away from work.:s

Zozobee said...

And here's another "old baseball teammate". Not as old as you though. hahaha. good luck in your campaigning, man.