Sunday, February 04, 2007

All I Need to Know I Learned Driving on EDSA

Last Friday night, when I was going home from a wedding, and driving on EDSA, this truck hit me on my driver's side front door. Un-friggin'-believable. Traffic was slow moving because they were repairing the road near Boni Serrano. I was minding my own business, my car was not moving, when out of nowhere this truck on my left turned towards my lane. The dang driver thought the lane was open and changed lanes. The dang driver didn't see me. Natural, nasagi ng bumper niya yung pintuan ko. My sidemirror flew. Pucha naman o!

I didn't want to hold traffic. I wanted this resolved ASAP. It was late. I was tired. And I still had a class to teach the next morning. I told the MMDA traffic enforcer my insurance covered this and I just want to get a police report. He told me to go to MMDA-TEG in Orense St., Makati. So I went there. And so did the driver of the dang truck.

Anong magagawa nun. He had no drivers license with him. His OR/CR was not in order. Tapos kalmot ulo.

Nakampucha naman oh.

And the desk officer at the station was not helpful either. It took me 2-hours to get the police report processed. And I have to go back for it on Monday. I had to shell out 150 pesos for the dang cop to take a picture of the damage. 150 pesos for two shots! That's a friggin' rip-off!

Haynakoh talaga!

Why can't a bump or a scratch be resolved easily on our roads?
Why can't we be like drivers in the US, in Europe or in Japan? Pagnagbangaan, palitan lang ng calling card, yun na. Leave the rest to the Insurance Companies.

Dito pahirapan pa eh!

D'yos ko. Pati sa aksidente may red tape.

Ganun talaga ang buhay sa 'pinas. Gotta deal with it.

It's every man for himself.

That aside, madami rin akong natuto sa pag-da-drive sa EDSA. Eto sila:

All I Need to Know I learned Driving on EDSA

1. I learned that the more eager we are we want to get to our destination, the longer it actually takes.

2. I learned if you stopped at a red light, almost always, a driver behind will honk his horn.

3. I learned that the biggest traffic jams are often caused by stalled buses or trucks.

4. I learned when you turn your signal lights, the vehicles beside you run faster.

5. I learned that widening roads and building fly-overs do not ease traffic. Discipline does.

6. I learned that installing strobe lights and a siren, even on an owner-type jeep, makes one a VIP.

7. I learned that more often than not, on EDSA, it’s every man for himself.

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