Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Possibly the most congested street for a pedestrian to walk in Pasay/Manila

Pablo Ocampo, Sr. Street (formerly Vito-Cruz), specifically that section between Taft Ave. and Arellano Ave. is probably the most congested street for a pedestrian to walk in the Pasay/Manila area.
I teach business law in CSB and I have to walk that length from the SDA campus, where I park my car, to the Taft campus, where I have class, every time I'm there.

First things first, I cannot believe that the local government still allows big 18-wheeler trucks to pass through that street! It's not a highway, for godsakes! Let those road beasts traverse Quirino or Buendia.

Second, why do they still allow pedicabs on that street?! It's enough that those drivers are rude to all commuters, but to be reckless and undisciplined as well?! Oh, my god! Vito-Cruz is obviously a one way street and yet pedicab drivers think that just because they're on bikes the law does not apply to them! They counterflow like it's their birth right! Pag nasagi ka, sila pa galit! Aaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhh! I hate pedicabs!

Third, the jeepneys that ply that route use Leon Guinto and a strip of Vito-Cruz as their terminal! Dun lang sila pumaparada at naghihintay ng mga pasahero. Ano ba?! Ang laki laki ng sign na "No Loading and Unloading!"

Fourth, there are street vendors who obviously do not have any EQ because if they did they would know they are not helping the free flow of traffic when they display their pineapples, pomelos, fishballs, kwek-kwek and other goods in the middle of the road! At mabuti sana kung malinis sila; No! Kinakalat lang nila yung mga used barbeque sticks at balat ng pinya at suha sa daan!

Last, but definitely not the least, the local government REMOVED the SIDEWALK! There's no sidewalk! We have to walk ON the road and play patintero with street vendors, pedicabs, tricycles, cars, jeepneys and 18 wheeler trucks!

Hay, diyoskoporsanto!

There's St. Scholastica's College in the center; Angelo King Campus up north; CSB-Taft on the west; and SDA sa south; why can't they just close that area from motor vehicles and convert the existing roads to one big pedestrian walkway like they do in other college towns? Why endanger the lives of all these students and teachers?

Get rid of cars and trucks. Divert them to other roads. Replace the asphalt with red bricks. Keep the pedicabs (but redesign the chassis) and street vendors. And then we're talking. Pedestrian heaven!

But until our local government get its act together, it's continuous suffering for everyone.

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