Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Philippine Business for Social Progress

After my stint at the Ilocos Norte Provincial Board, I wanted to continue helping people.  But since I was covered by a year long ban to work in government, I had to do it in the private sector.

I found out about Philippine Business for Social Progress, allegedly the largest corporate-led foundation for social development in the Philippines.  It is comprised of over 200 member companies who pool in their resources to empower the poor and underprivileged through social development projects like building schools, awarding scholarships, providing credit facilities and conducting livelihood programs.  Member companies include Smart Communications, Landbank, Petron, Nestle, IBM, Aboitiz, TV5, and ICTSI.

PBSP also acts as program managers of development agencies.  The foundation currently implements projects for USAID, AECID and Global Fund, and has potential projects with AusAID and CIDA.

We have so many projects that its hard to keep track of each and everyone of them.  There's the Smart Schools Program where SMART donates 2 computers with 1 year internet connection to public schools all over the country.  The program includes training the teachers on how to use the computer.

Then there's the school building program funded by the Angelo King Foundation and Coca Cola, among others.  Just like what FCCCI and other NGOs do, PBSP also builds classrooms in public schools.

Like I mentioned PBSP has a scholarship program as well.  We implement the scholarship program of Petron and Landbank.  We support the student from high school all the way to college.

For health, we are implementing the Two Billion Peso (PhP 2,000,000,000.00) Sustaining TB Control and Ensuring Universal Access to Comprehensive Quality TB Care Program of the Global Fund.  It is our biggest project to date, which aims to reduce TB in the country.  Did you know we rank #9 in the world in terms of TB cases?

PBSP is also into microlending.  We provide financial assistance to small and micro enterprises, sourced from USAID and KFW.  Other poverty reduction projects include empowering mutli-purpose cooperatives with their livelihood and building livelihood centers for them.

I joined PBSP last November as their legal officer.  Among other tasks, I review all contracts and agreements entered into by the foundation.  I draft legal documents.  I act as Assistant Corporate Secretary.  And I also represent PBSP in its cases--the ones I can handle of course.  More delicate stuff is handled by our partner law firm.

PBSP recently celebrated its 40th Founding Anniversary last January 25.  The foundation is headed by Rafael C. Lopa as its Executive Director and Nicolaas Oreel as its Chief Executive Advisor.  The Chairman of the Board of Trustees is Manny V. Pangilinan.

PBSP Headquarters in Intamuro, Manila

PBSP Regional Office in Davao City, Mindanao

Management Team Meeting led by Executive Director Rapa Lopa and Chief Executive Advisor Klaas Oreel

PBSP Board of Trustees Meeting led by Chairman Manny Pangilinan

Annual Membership Meeting (25 January 2011)

40th Founding Anniversary of PBSP with Pres. Noynoy Aquino as Guest Speaker

PBSP is open to all companies, whether small business or MNC, to join the foundation to help reduce poverty in the Philippines.  Member companies contribute a small portion of their gross income to PBSP so that we can implement various social development projects.  Or, member companies can opt to fund their own projects through PBSP, like what Smart, Petron and Coca Cola did.

For more information, visit the PBSP website at http://www.pbsp.org.ph/ or call Membership at +632 5273742.

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