Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Ang Pag Gamit sa Damo Pagkatapos Mamatay ang Kabayo

Earlier this year I wrote about a proposal to monetize the 250 Million Tobacco Excise Tax share. Because of monetization, the province would only get 175 million. I was originally opposed to this because I believe we should get the whole amount. BUT, considering that the recipients of the fund, the farmers, needed it to protect their crops from the hot and dry weather, I supported the measure.

And as I wrote, the proposal was blocked by 6 board members. The motive was political. It was obvious. The 6 belonged to the rival of the incumbent governor and they didn't want the latter to be mabango to the public 2 months before election.

Of course, the 6 denied it and said they were against the ordinance because of the discount. EVEN though they approved similar ordinances (monetization, discount, etc.) several times before.

They stuck to their story. They were against the proposal because they wanted the farmers to get the whole amount.

I didn't believe them then. I don't believe them now. I think it's all baloney.

Anyway, the measure was blocked, the 175 Million did not come. No aid to the farmers. And the heat wave destroyed a lot of crops during the summer. In other words, dahil walang damo, namatay yung kabayo -- or at least, nanghina.

On the bright side, the plan of the other group worked. The incumbent governor lost. As did I.

Fast forward to August 2010--several months AFTER the election. The new governor, together with some of the board members who opposed the proposal last January, suddenly had a change of heart.

Now, it's okay to use the 250 Million.

You might be wondering if they got the whole amount, the 250 Million. After all, that was their main argument before. That the farmers deserved the whole amount, and they wouldn't accept anything less.

Well wouldn't you know, they used the 250M as collateral to a bank to get.....

Wait for it.....

175 Million.


So what was all the fuss about before?!

Why the sudden turn-around? I thought they were fighting for the farmers?

Now it seems they were fighting for their asses. What hypocrites.

What use is the fund now? Second cropping is done. And crops had been destroyed by El Nino.
Tapos na. Saan na gagamitin ang damo eh patay na nga yung kabayo?

What will the new provincial administration do with the farmer's money now that the dry season is over?

...waaaaaiiiit for it...

...Among other things, they're building a new office for the governor and the board members.

Talaga nga naman...

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them hypocrites!