Sunday, March 14, 2010


By ROLAND R. AGRA, President of the Supreme Student Council, NCC

06 March 2010, launching of Kabataan Kaisa ni Kris
Provincial Capitol Auditorium, Laoag City

Before I start may I greet every one a good afternoon. May I also congratulate Atty. And Mrs. Kris Ablan for their first child, Baby Alicia Beatriz. I hope she’ll have a baby brother in two-three years time.

I was heading home from my 6 PM class, when I received a text message from RB Ablan. He was requesting me to make an anecdote about Sir Kris, which will I deliver afterwards. I was hesitant at first because I have many paper works to do. However, I came to realize that I have a moral responsibility to share to you how this good-looking and debonair public servant affected my views on leadership and public service.

I first saw Atty. Kris three years ago. My landlady gave me a polyetos. When I saw that polyetos, the first question I asked myself was, “How is he related to the Ablans?” Later, I found out that he is a son of Rep. Roque R. Ablan. Atty. Kris won a seat in the Provincial Board during the 2007 midterm elections.

Come July 2009, when I won as the president of the Supreme Student Council, we were given the chance to sponsor our first leadership seminar. During our meeting, an officer raised a motion on whom to select as lecturers and speakers. I rose from my seat and nominated Board Member Kris Ablan. After that, Atty. Kris was selected as one of our four lecturer-speakers. Some fellow officers insisted on choosing the SK Federated President. They reasoned out, “He is a member of the youth like us”. I said, “He was once the chairman of the University of the Philippines Student Council. That’s heavier than your argument.”

When he came, I was uncomfortable not only because I would introduce him that afternoon, but I was disturbed by how he approached my fellow student leaders. He was very warm and friendly. No signs of pakitang-tao or plastikan. I admired how he delivered his lecture. He was not boring. He was able to relate himself with his listeners. From then on, I imitated how he delivers his speeches; not boring, confident, full of energy.

Tumatak sa isipan ko na si Sir Kris isang mabuting halimbawa lalo na sa kabataan. After the leadership seminar, we invited him to be our guest of honor and speaker sometime in October and again last January as the main lecturer of the voters’ education forum.

I consider myself privileged not only because I had met him many times but I always learn something from him every time we had an opportunity to be together. He is an idealist, just like me. He believes that we can achieve real and substantial change if we are disciplined and law-abiding citizens. No contentions about that. I agree with him that what are important are the principles and ideologies you are fighting for and not the personalities you are with every day.

Don’t dare accuse him as a trapo or else tamayen kayo. His track record in the Provincial Board is a manifestation of his dedicated performance, unquestionable competence, and unwavering love for the Ilocano people.

May I be allowed to recite some portions of the famous; I AM FILIPINO poem of Atty. Alex L. Lacson, a product of the Harvard Law School, who visited NCC last February 26. I made slight modifications to suit today’s affair.

Kris Ablan is a Filipino. Who is he today is because of the role God wants him to play. He is born to succeed. God has equipped him, within him and around him. With all the essentials he needs to succeed in this world…He is destined to be great…for God truly wants him to add more beauty and greatest to our world.

Kris Ablan was born of freedom…as such, he dedicates that freedom to ensure that the people shall remain free…he shall use his freedom to help other people…he was born of love, out of God’s immeasurable love…it is what He wants him to bring into this world, so love shall be who he is.

Kris Ablan is a part of the whole, as part of the answer to the question, as part of the solution to the problem, as part of the hope of our people…and soon…he shall build a more beautiful and better community not only for his family but most especially for the Ilocano people.

That is Atty. Michel Kristian Riego Ablan. He is KNOWLEDGEABLE. He is RESPONSIBLE. He is an IDEALIST/INTELLIGENT. He is a SELFLESS public servant. That makes him a brilliant future congressman: mapagpiaran, napudno, ken naayat nga agserbi itit kaaduan.

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